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03 01 2024

If you put tooo much salt, a necessary element in ANY soup it will spoil the soup. Likewise tooo much laws, restrictions, politics & corruptions can kill ANY country. 

Professor Brian Cox Insight:
Astronomical Cosmological Paradoxically.
Finite Atoms or "Star Dust" Living in Infinite Universe or "Star Nursery".......
N a w a r a t Miracle Ring.

Nawarat Ring.  [$1 Zillion Each ]. Square & Round Style. Means 9 Majestic Stones *Miracle* Ring. Only in MyanMar. Each different stone has to be in correct alignment next to each other in Synchronicity. Red Ruby in the Center surrounded by 8 other precious stones. Clearly can see Emerald Green, White Diamond and Dark Blue Sapphire etc. Can make "Hostile Purchase/Buy Out" on entire Atheist Godless "Communist China" just like that. No sweat.

March 1st 2024 N a w a r a t.   [ S.S.S. ]

Trust in Trinity

February 29th, 2024
Terence Lyn

The Gold Strange Sculpture @ The Bow [ Fontainebleau ] open on December 13th, 2023. Today's estimate cost for Unique luxurious Hotel with 7 swimming pools is cool USD 10 Billion. 02 29 2024 [ leap year ].[OOO].

2005 Antique AMG : You know I'm DONE with Cars no more Car for me. I had selected/finalized 4 Cars (For Retirement). Each one has a specialty of it's own. Each has it's  own different characteristic AND Capability for different use. Enjoy driving each one of them. One of them is an antique 2005 S55 Mercedes Benz AMG reaching near 200,000 miles mark and STILL running GOOD with nearly 500 horse power engine V8 5.5 liter Kompressor. Back/Rear 2 tires are WIDER than the front 2 tires. I kept this car as the souvenir of AMG brand.

"Love souvenirs".

02 28 2024

Myanmar Military Dictatorship

Philosophical Phenomenon Presence. Paradoxical Parallel Perception Paranormal Performance. Did you know Spirits visit mee during my sleep daytime or nighttime?. Many may not believe but it's true. Mass call it religion when I mentioned Yeshua or Jesus Christ but I didn't see it that way. I saw it as Spiritual World that has Superior Natural Effects on us. That's why we encounter MIRACLES sometimes for Miracles do exist but RARE and seldomly few. My personal spiritual visits are more than ordinary people. I would say 7 out of 10 sleeps was visited (at least briefly) which I believe a lot more. Commonly known or experienced as DREAMS. Some don't even dream when asleep but dreams will always exist for Earthlings. Uni Conscious / A W E / Spirit Self Shadow [SSS].

High Priest Caiaphas Conspiracy.

S h a d o w y S e l f
AWE spirit near mee. 

I repost it the past post in 2021. Oh my God, I realize how much I contribute HUMANITY around the world including fellow Burmese by my "years of posting" FREE. No problem with me being a contributor FREE of Charge. Folks enjoy my posts. I'm glad & satisfied people around the world enjoys my MANY posts for there are good ones all through out the years since I join Facebook in 2016. 8 yrs now and counting. Feel Free to use my good intentions Gestures. I LOVE SHARING for Sharing IS Caring. Enjoy folks. 02 27 2024.2021 post:Rangoon / Yangon City. The ONLY guaranteed drought resistence City for it RAINS 4 months EVERY year. This City is situated by 5 Rivers Confluence AND located near the Andaman Sea not to mention RAIN carrying clouds blown by North bound monsoon winds dump the moisture onto Rangoon / Yangon City every year. There never was a miss year ever since. No wonder naturally grown lush shady trees all over the city retaining the name "Garden City" of ASIA.By the way folks don't confuse with Burmese & Chinese are the same for it's NOT. Burmese has different language, literature and culture. Burmese speak, write different and Burmese don't understand Chinese and vice versa.The 2 lakes Inya & Kandawgyi are refilled by monsoon season rain every year.When there is plenty of FRESH water there is plenty of vegetation, fish & foods for water is one of the source for LIFE.

Pyinsa Rupa. I took that shot at Mingalardon International Airport Gift Shop, Yangon, Myanmar on my visit before my departure to USA..Terence Lyn.

Terence [Terentius/Dramatist] Lyn [Manifesting  Variety].Taken 02 26 2024 Monday Morning. Reverse Aging in Process. Universal Conscious Guy/Geniius. 

Authentic Original Identity of "Terence" is a Biographical Name according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary from Dramatist "Terentius" as early as 186-159 B.C. 



02 06 2024

Ommuamua Interstellar Object.

Paradoxical Parallel Perception:-:Subject ... U.S.A. The *Model Nation* of Planet Earth. My Intervention into American Politics as an American Citizen. I've been staying on the "sidelines" since I arrived in USA (1980s) cuz I'm not interested in politics. Now the serious decline in every aspect of American culture, moral & life came to my attention to intervene "Actively" to at least bring up to wise decisions & actions in relevancy into elevating USA to highest level of MODERNIZATION in line/same page with "Highly Heritage Foundation" in a civilized "Highly Intelligent Design" [HID] WAY to accommodate *Synchronize Superior System* second to NONE on Planet Earth. Still in the process of seeking wisdom from the Creator. Amen....... C.C.E.Added Note: HAT always stay on Top of an Earthling (human being) shows Highest Importance on top position. Symbolic Meaning of A Hat staying on top over the human head. That's where HAT belongs.  Nature Lover. > Ideas for Infinity <.

Miss Lisa visit in December 2023 Christmas in Golden Valley Highend Community in Yangon. There are 2 rival Highend Communities in Yangon namely Golden Valley & Windermere. Lynpray.

MEE. 2 Thumbs Up. I'm a "Nature Lover" too.  Will pray for 47th President "Historic" 2nd Independent President after 1st Independent President George Washington. Amen. Lynpray.

God created Equal but the LEVEL of Intelligence is Different. Intelligence Integrity & Independence is Uncommonly Uncompromised. Just as Ommuamua (Elongated Cigar Shape Interstellar Object) is returning,  I AM returning with Intelligence. .....CCE

My 100% Cotton "KENNEDY24" Hat @ Las Vegas RALLY on February 4th, 2024. WALK like an Independent,  TALK like an Independent & ACT like an Independent.......Lynpray Lynsign (sign Brilliant Bobby for Ballot) Lynways.

WE attended the RALLY, WE donate & WE signed it. What else would you ask for more?. WALK like an Independent, TALK like an Independent & ACT like an Independent.
C.C.E. 02 05 2024.

REAL CHANGE is on "The Way". The NAME says it all. *Heal The Divide*. Independent [ I ] for 47th. The Eagle had Landed & We Attended. 02 05 2024CCE.

NO ill feelings or wicked intent. 02 06 2024
Just Pure Innocence.

C.C.E. where Ideas Imagination Intelligence flourish.

In memory of good employer & company "Circus Circus ENTERPRISE" I name my personal private ENTERPRISE as "Cross Crux Enterprise".
Trinitylyn @ QuietQuantum

Well Done BOBBY Well Done !!!Thank you for the Chance & Choice given to America & Americans in turbulent times... Lynways !!!


01 31 2024

Wildlife Kingdom: 1 On 1 Challenge.6 Wild Powerful LAND Animals that can DEFEAT Lion. Top Three [ HighEnd ] :  #1 Elephant,  #2 Rhino  #3 Hippo. LOW end #6 Gorilla  #5 Crocodile  # 4 Cape Buffalo. Lynyon.   01 30 2024

Winning Wings & Free Fresh Food :Lynyon 01 29 2024. Fly ALONE Always with High End Eyesight not to mention Pinpoint Precision Grab / Clinch by Strong Sharp Claws. Balance Timing Precision are all there performed by Eagle. On the Record.


I'm so proud, admire Ei guts, bravery, vision & wisdom. God Bless. Amazing Famous Actress not to mention her extraordinary Beauty, well educated. Since her University student days, she is the Queen. My favorite Burmese Actress. Ei Chaw Po. So glad she is Christian now. God bless her & her family. Her husband, also Christian is a very lucky man. Handsome & Rich Guy too. Congratulations to both. Love their Christian Wedding at the Church. Honeymoon in Phuket, Thailand. Wonderful. Union Spirit (Chin, Kachin & Burmese bloodline). Most important of all is their Souls are SAVED. Christian God Always looks at the HEART for it is Heart & Soul that really matters. Amen.

Ta Yoke Trap

Wisdom & Insight. Buddhism Symbol is WHEEL of Reincarnation & Suffering. Seeking Searching for the TRUTH. All Buddhists & Hindus are striving to achieve Enlightenment ( Nirvana ) escape from Circle of Suffering, an example demonstrated by Buddha, the Awaken One. There is ONLY one WAY to escape from the “Circle of Suffering” and that is the TRUTH which is Eternal LIFE where there will be no more old age, pain, suffering and death. In Jesus precious name, Amen.

TRUTH never change and irrelevant to TIME. Why Myanmar becomes a Buddhist nation. Don't be confused. The Yunnan Province (YUNNANESE) in current Southern China is different from Chinese and they speak different languages just like MONGOLS are different from CHINESE. Historically speaking MANIPUR, TIBET & YUNNAN belongs to MYANMAR in Heritage Race & Culture making MYANMAR one of the LARGEST country in ASIA. 69% of the Union the Burmese descendant Tribes from 4 major ethnic races namely 1) MON, 2) PYU from TIBET & BAMAR from YUNNAN & SHAN from YUNNAN.

YadayarYa / TL  11262023.

Myanmar Proper

Myanmar Proper:   New Map of Myanmar AFTER War # 3. In Asia. Red Blue and Purple belongs to Myanmar (Gold).

Quiet Quantum   >!<

Tibet (Red), Yunnan (Blue), Manipur (Purple) & Myanmar (Gold)


The Creativity of the Ultimate Creator GOD is second to none !!!.

A secluded unknown unexplored & unlike ANY place in the world so rare and unique. A place where human can walk through the Andaman Sea (next to Indian Ocean) when low tide, white sand bars emerges everywhere connecting islands for the sea water is only knee deep. Very few people know this place. It is what it is. Dawei Peninsular Inlet, Grandfather Rock Beach, Tanintharyi Region, Myanmar. Secluded, Serene with Tranquility welcomes you not to mention Virgin unexplored Beaches, Turquoise clear waters and soft white sands. accommodate you with nature's best offer. YOU, NATURE & GOD. Amen!.

Rival to Grandfather Rock Beach, Whitehaven Beach, Queensland Australia. I rank # 2 in the world cuz accessible by only Air & Sea (Boat) where else # 1 Grandfather Rock Beach is accessible by all Air, Sea & Land. BOTH Beaches have Beautiful Sand Bars with pure white sands INLETS that creates unique stunning natural beauty when the tide is low.

Maze, Canyonlands, Utah USA

SPIRE Canyon, Utah

Havasupai Falls, Arizona USA

Gold Butte, National Monument Nevada USA. 06032022

Myanmar, Yangon City Rainy Season where abundance of FRESH water falls for 4 months EVERY year..


Backpacking Maze District

06062022 Greater Canyonlands (North)

08092022 Truth Social

THE VOIID :-: 08092022Telling THE WHOLE TRUTH is NOT fraud. Human knowledge is limited. What he/she knows is good enough. Some call it COSMOS, others UNIVERSE, I [Terencelyn/Truther] call it VOIID. Why did I call/name it VOIID?. Explanation:- In the beginning of this VAST creation, there is NO time, matter, gas or space. The scientists believe the COSMOS begins with the Big Bang where out of NOTHING, space, time, matter & gas happen. In faith most call it the HEAVEN of the UNIVERSE created by the highly intelligent Creator. I combine these 2 concepts of COSMOS & UNIVERSE into one as the VOIID because BOTH Scientific & Christianity are Paradoxically Correct. Why? Because I believe there is SOMETHING before NOTHING. In other words SOMETHING makes this Big Bang Explosion thus Time, Space, Matter & Gas was FORMED thus from VOIID, Universe or Cosmos is born just like from EMBRYO or FETUS a baby human specie was BORN. Enormity of the Cosmos. The Distance from Planet Earth. The nearest Galaxy is 100,000 light years. Nearest Star is 4.25 light years. 1 light year is 5.8 Trillion miles. This is just 1 spec from countless. 1 grain of sand on the massive, countless beaches ( with an ' s ' ). WE ARE (humankind) a RARE SPECIE that exists on this so called VAST Cosmos / Universe / Voiid. Amenn to True Creator of EVERYTHING [ including VOIID ]. We ordinary humans go by the miles, scientists go by the light years so imagine how the Creator who created this Creation measures by what?. The level of Audacity  Intelligence is Awesome & Amazing !!!.


Leadership Skills

Good Company (Employer) always have these criteria on their MANAGEMENT team. NOT investigating behind and ignoring training on their (all) employees picking on some if they don't like. Good Company/Employer NEVER put down ANY employee (especially high seniority employee) nor disregard for no human is perfect any way. I can go on endlessly how GOOD Company/Employer should play fair and decent attitude and action for I'm in this employee business for 36 years.


Vegas Extreme

New Nuclear Concept

2 Buddhist Nations "Kingdom of Thailand" & "Republic of the Union of Myanmar" are struggling for Democray. Both Nations Military plays a MAJOR role in ruling their Country & People for MANY decades. These 2 Buddhist Countries are intertwined in Cultures, Historical backgrounds and similar life styles. Language is totally different between Thai & Burmese both in writing and speaking. Both Nations Constitutions are similar in construction. Thailand stage many MORE Military Coups than Burma with LESS causalities (Thai never use her Air Force to Bomb their villages & thai people) than massive Burmese Brutal Military Destructions to the country & people. SMART move by Thailand. Thailand still has Kings & Queens but Burma lost her Kings & Queens FOREVER. In fact the LAST Burmese King was buried in India. In World War 2 Thailand was so smart to avoid any Foreign Armies to rule her people. Smart move. Both Japan, British & French did not rule over Thailand during World War 2. NOW I believe China [ Democracy Hater ] will interfere in Thai politics to prevent Democracy flourish in Thailand, just like SHE did/interfere BLATANTLY in Burma/Myanmar. But I had confidence in Thai SMARTNESS in avoiding Chinese intervention in current winning Coalition Parties [6 of them] lead by 42 yr YOUNG Freshman HARVARD educated Brilliant popular guy PITA [ Move Forward Party/Leader ]. The PEOPLE have spoken with their desire. It's up to ruling Government & the Military to RESPECT PEOPLE'S wishes.Note : This is NOT a translation to video in Burmese. This is My INSIGHT awareness of what's currently happening in 2 neighboring Buddhist Countries of South East Asia. Vast development prowess between Thailand & Myanmar where Thailand rank 2nd strongest economy in ASEAN 10 nations after Indonesia ranking first.



Sun is just 1 star out of Guzzillion stars in the Universe created by Jehovah Jesus & Jeshua. Trinity in 1.AAW.Note: Did you or can you comprehend / understand what *Guzzillion* stands for???. It's NOT in the dictionary folks. It's way too ADVANCED word of Angelic Society Syllabus Symbol. It's "unrelated" to Layman's Pavement Platform Perceptional Concept. No wonder IT IS NOT in Earthlings Dictionary.

Angelic Beings, followers of FAL follow their Chief Lucifer and rule in the Universe besides HEAVEN the Kingdom of Kingdoms where Jehovah & Jesus resides OUTSIDE of the Universe.

What is AAW?. It's "Arch Angel Wonderful" assigned by Jesus Christ as "Personal Vanguard" against Evil Demonic Beings led by Chief "Fallen Angel Lucifer" (FAL). FAL was cast out by Jehovah & Jesus from Heavenly Kingdom for Insurrection or Rebellion against Jehovah / God. On Earth among Earthlings in United States of America, God's Country "Insurrection" problem is on going despite of ongoing New Election. Earthlings have Spiritual & Physical bodies. Angelic Beings are Spiritual and Demonic Creatures or Beasts are Physical. 

Universal Truth:
Just as there is Light & Darkness, there is only male & female gender. The rest are deceptive make believe manufactured lies... [AAW]

Yahweh reminds his subjects of The FLOOD."A thousand may fall at your side,    ten thousand at your right hand,    but it will not come near you" ....Psalm 91:7.Clear declaration of Yahweh comparing Jerusalem & Mecca.

Some say you can wipe out humans but not IDEAS. Well my response to that is ...
You confront IDEAS with IDEAS. You got Questions, I got Answers. Arch Wonderful

Judaism ... Christianity ... Judeo-Christian ARE one.* AAW * 

Personal Angelic Being
Assigned by Jesus Christ
*Arch Angel Wonderful*
[ A A W ] 11102023

Jesus / Yeshua is REAL. If Pontius Pilate exist in Roman Empire, THEN Jesus exist.

02 20 2024

I need to see this film. 02 19 2024.    [OOO]GOD + Country: One Nation Under The Cross.Cross Crux Enterprise.... Quiet Quantum. America is a civilized nation that presented with meaningful "Gentle Arguments" as Gentle people do. As diverse as America WE. ... Need to settle our differences with logic, reason and scientific proof with resounding reality in Truth & Deeds that genuinely comes from the HEART. I AM willing to argue or discuss with anyone, Group or association about this Soul & State SEPARATION Context in civilize smooth manner/nature. So help us God. Amen.


One Nation Under The Cross

J C Flag

05 16 2024

The Crux of the Crises:-:Where commonsense met nonsense:New Style Continues ...... The Truther +++Not only that ... today's Burmese Buddhist Military sell off the Nation's natural resources to neighboring countries mainly Notorious Crazy Communists China as if they (Military) owns the country & people as THEIR assets. Sounds ridiculous. Don't you think so?. Well whinny Well, as *The Truther* I will reveal the truth nothing but the whole Truth so Jesus Christ help me. This is a new way of extending my written notes ( updates / edited ) in a unique special Intelligent way. My pure intent is to use one single spot BUT extensive style in explanation of what's really happening in our SCAM infested world now leads to Burma China Thailand borders as headquarters affecting the entire world. These SCAMMERS ( Mostly Chinese Nationals) corrupt all neighboring countries GOVERNMENTS namely China, Laos, Thailand, Bangladesh & India taking ROOTS in Buddhist Burma now known as Myanmar. Spreading CORRUPTION like wildfires base on building Casinos sources of Diabolical Demonic Dark Business of Evil Intent including slaves labor human trafficking money laundering, kidnapping murder killings gambling prostitution etc. You name it. These hardcore TRUE criminals are well funded and founded and still functioning that United Nations Organization ( including USA ) cannot put a blind eye anymore. 

When the 1st Dictator of Burma General Ne Win stage a coup and bring down a democratically elected Civilian Government in 1962, he later imposed a Socialist system that brings down the Nation from Rice Bowl of Asia to least developed country in the world. He ruled Burma with iron clad Rigid rule with Military laws on civilians "shoot on sight" no questions asked Marshal law. Well well well, look at today 72 years later even worse by BOMBING by fighter jets (back then Military didn't use jets to kill child women & elderly to the civilians whose Crime is wanting BASIC human rights for FREEDOM. Freedom was "God given Birth right" to every human being.

2:22am.      Extraordinary for Ordinary Guy. Mercedes Benz AMG street sports car [ GAS ]*Quality over Quantity* [Quiet Quark]. The RAREST 1%. No sweat. I'm totally different. I don't jump over "bandwagon". I don't. I smile Forbidden China goes over ELECTRIC for all I can say is by starting 2050 Chinks will realize they made a humongous mistake but it's tooo late by then.....Futuristic Guy who sense what's coming. Amen!. Picture: My Style Street Sports. Remember... the Rear Tires must be "Wider Bigger" than front Tires. Compulsory Combination set of Tires for 1%.--- Seers Tryon.  Hint Dated May 15th, 2024.

05 17 2024

May 17th, 2024Shot taken at Gift shop with my cell phone before departure from Mingalardon International Airport 2016 visit, Yangon Myanmar back HOME to USA. Creature known as "Pyinsa Rupa" Myanmar Culture Musical Orchestra Symbol.5 Animals: Lion Head, Elephant Tusks and Trunk, Deer Antlers, legs and body, Fish tail and finally Eagle Wings.

I took this picture at gift shop in Mingalardon International Airport, Yangon Myanmar just before my departure from Myanmar back to home USA in 2016 Myanmar Visit taken with my cell phone. My number 1 favorite ICON "Pyinsa Rupa" Myanmar Mythical Creature used in Myanmar Musical Orchestra. I love Myanmar  handicrafts, lacquer ware and Artifacts. Cultural stuffs. Religion [ Faith ] is different. --- Myanmarican

Can see my favorite Mythical Creature PYINSA RUPA at the background of Myanmar Orchestra. 5 Animals put together as one. Head of a lion, Elephant Tusk & Trunk, Body, Antlers and legs of a Deer, tail of a Fish and finally Wings of an Eagle known as PYINSA RUPA.

5 MAJOR race of the UNION. The 1st national flag after getting Independence from British rule has 5 small stars representing these major races surrounded the BIG Center Star [ Union ].

Forget about EV. This is about Hybrid that's been around for years. Still replacing the hybrid battery is no fun and can cost thousands of dollars. Few years back I own one Toyota Prius C but I sell it off to Toyota Dealer cuz I don't want to deal with this.

Their FOOLISH Judgment STINKS !!!Americans don't like Electric Cars, Especially "China make" EVs. Why? Because Americans are smart. No wonder 248 yrs [ 1776 - 2024 ] young Nation USA with over 300 Million people CAN create the ONLY Super Power Nation on Earth. Did you EVER think about that? Wherelse over 1.4 Billion people with thousands of yrs old China cannot willnot make it a Super Power Nation. Quantity don't count. QUALITY does.

There is ONLY one "Myanmarican" out of 7 Billion population on Earth. 0.00000001% rate one of a kind in the Universe. Yes only 1. 

May 17th, 2024Shot taken at Gift shop with my cell phone before departure from Mingalardon International Airport 2016 visit, Yangon Myanmar back HOME to USA. Creature known as "Pyinsa Rupa" Myanmar Culture Musical Orchestra Symbol.5 Animals: Lion Head, Elephant Tusks and Trunk, Deer Antlers, legs and body, Fish tail and finally Eagle Wings.

I took this picture at gift shop in Mingalardon International Airport, Yangon Myanmar just before my departure from Myanmar back to home USA in 2016 Myanmar Visit taken with my cell phone. My number 1 favorite ICON "Pyinsa Rupa" Myanmar Mythical Creature used in Myanmar Musical Orchestra. I love Myanmar  handicrafts, lacquer ware and Artifacts. Cultural stuffs. Religion [ Faith ] is different. --- Myanmarican

05 19 2024


2:22am Why bring past into present? For what? Now is 2024. Let's talk about 2024. Okay?.
I don't understand people going back, way back passed misdeeds & misfortunes bringing up to present time. They are digging the dirt to discrediting a person with evil intent n destruction. Why they are digging bringing th past to present?. What kind of mentality and level of decency is that?. Let's talk about present and forget the past. Past is gone. History.
Past is Past. Why they bringing out misfortune n mistakes of the past to present not to mention they know only 1% of the whole episode and yet they Judge others with that 1% knowledge. What a CRACK !!!.

05 20 2024

AWE   E n t e r p r i s e   [ Supreme Seers ]

Aim & Awe   [ Financial Matters ]

Judeo Christian   [ Faith Foundation ]

Elohim Eternal Entity   [ Heavenly Holy Highend ]

05 21 2024

Explanation to the best of my knowledge. MYANMAR vs. BURMA The world wants to know and understand about this strange and extremely Unique nation where some know/call BURMA and to some MYANMAR. When I used to work at 'Mandalay Bay Resort' as SERVER serving others for decades, I explained many times to customers what 'Mandalay' means because it is a strange name to them and I'm the ONLY Burmese that is working there who migrate from that country. Remember, the Country let alone City name Mandalay, Burma or Myanmar is least known because of iron clad close door policy of Burmese Military Junta continuous Regimes from the 1960s to date. As for the country name all I can say is that it "depends on an individual's perspective" which name is correct and rightful to represent that nation & people. Mostly it relies to that Nation & People. Me? Myanmarican? I believe BOTH names are correct. BURMA was official name till 1989 when country's official name changed to MYANMAR from 1989 onwards to date. Different names SAME country SAME people. To DIVE in DEEPER, specifically BURMA was named during BRITISH rule but then BRITISH give BURMA Independence in 1948, January 4th. After Independence this name was used officially till 1989  when Burmese Military Government changed the name to MYANMAR. My opinion... the Burmese Military don't know how to gradually change the name in an Intelligent smart civilize way. As usual the Military did the Military MINDSET way rough Rigid & tough thus the International Community including America doesn't accept this change and STUCK with BURMA. As civilized Government one had to explain and let the WORLD understand that this name was originally Authentic name that doesn't particularly points at ONE particular RACE ... BURMAN or BURMESE or BAMAR. Yes it's TRUE Burmese is the majority RACE (60%) but other 40% are NOT Burmese or Bamar. THIS Nation is a UNION Nation consist of roughly 60% Burmese & 40% 134 ethnic races. Major races are comprised of 9 races namely Bamar (60%), Shan, Karen, Karenni, Shan, Mon, Kachin, Chin & Rakhine. Just as this Unique Diverse Nation is so Sophisticated & Complex I can Simplified Solution as 1, 2, 3.

-- Seers Singularity......Ballots Better than Bullets.

Can Continue ....

Divine Intervention Visualized Evolution
[ DIVE ]. Comprehend?

Maubin is 2 hr drive from 'Yangon' or 'Rangoon' as America calls it. Me ? Myanmarican? I see BOTH names [ Rangoon & Yangon ] are correct. Rangoon is an English name and Yangon is a Bamar/Burmese name. Same City, Same place. Amen.--- Rangoonite.

Yangon Street food. The taste is best and the price is incredibly lowest.--- Yangonite

05 22 2024


Mercedes Benz AMG (Gas). The BEST or Nothing. No Compromise. None. No matter what. Fav color Fav Style Fav car. Number 1.Myanmarican Style [ 1% ]. May 22nd, 2024. 

Myanmar Foods

Lin latest Food Travel Guide [Yangon GuideL]. Myanmar popular Mohinga dish. Rice noodle fish soup. USD $1.00

05 23 2024

Y. T. W.




MYANMAR. A Nation under SEIGE by neighboring Countries. Particularly Communist China.

To me, my point of view or perspective is... ONE American soldier disable let alone die (lost his/her life) is too much. The system, policy & rules/laws/strategy etc. NEEDS to be change or amended to PREVENT such loss. Amen.

Stringent Singularity Seers

Conscious Clear Cosmos.I AM LIKE THE STAR/SUN. NO doubt in my mind. The giver, not the taker. I had Jesus Christ who knows ALL about me. 103%. Only HE is my Judge, Jury & Justice. The rest are imperfect Specie. Especially .05% waste of time arguing with .05% knowledge humans.  Amen.  05 22 2024--- Stringent Singularity Seers.

Ignoring public Ignorants is correct. Especially 1% ( or less ) knowledge people.