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[ E I ] Exceptionally Impressive Law Firm. An Army of Enemies tried with INTENT to bring down & destroy 1 person (whistle blower) that works hard for 36 yrs straight non stop is cruel unrepresented & unjust action EVER in Morality  & human Civilization. Can Verify.

Telling the Truth [ whistle blower ] is not a SIN. An Army of Enemies tried/INTENT to bring down & destroy 1 single person that works hard for 36 years straight non stop is unprecedented & unjust action EVER in morality & human civilization. 

Dealing with Eternity makes me Resilient Persevere & Resolve for Truth is Timeless.

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Overcome Oversight Observer

03 04 2024

Genius to Geniius One of my TOP favorite post.03 04 2024.   

[ Trinitylyn ]. Old but not Out:

Overcome Oversight Observer [ OOO ]

Quiet Quest Quantum

Reverse Aging

Theory of Inflation.   03 03 2024. Thesis Quiet Quantum Quarks Quash Quintessential Quest Quench Subject to updated edition.Not knowing IS valuable. Pursuit of Understanding is KEY to elevating Level. Freedom of thought IS essential to knowledge. Fabrics of Space. 2 3 4 5 6 7 Endless Dimensions



US Secretary of State Antony Blinken message to China @ ASEAN meeting in Asia.

ASEAN warning to stop executions in Burma (Burmese)

Burmese Coup General Psychotic Believe (Cognitive Bias) in Kingship

White Elephant & Royal Ruby

lake mead

lord howe Island

Hypersonic Jet


LA 1940s

# Myanmar


No matter Who Where What they Frame, Feign, Fake, False, Fraud, Factual Something ... Eternal God knows the TRUTH and that's NOT a Lie ....... Truther

08032022 The Day US # 3 met with Taiwan President.

Exceptional Law Firm

Twitter / Musk

T r u t h e r

Marriages Are Becoming More And More Meaningless....... T r u t h e r.  08022022

Jewish Names Yahweh & Yeshua

Northrop Grumman

Komodo dragon swallow monkey alive

Lake Mead dated 8/1/2022

Distinctly Deliberately Different   ...   T r u t h e r 

Gradually Raising the Bar One line at a Time. Lack of deep & wide far Sightfulness in authoritative leadership can hinder everything. There is always good & bad things. Plus & minus. Capitalism is good for rich & wealthy people/entity/corporation[Wall Street]. Socialism is good for poor & common people [Main Street]. Example in Socialism Myanmar, Education is FREE for all. But education quality is low in Myanmar. Defect, Government should hire International standard foreign professors & lecturers for training students in higher education like Universities Colleges & Institutions in conjunction with International language English teachings system & structure. Governmental leadership needs far Sightfulness in planning & finance. Lack of far reaching insight can hinder progress. Myanmar has abundance of natural resources to exploit sufficient FUNDS to fund projects systematically benefiting people & country efficiently effectively. It is best to use GOOD things of BOTH Capitalism (Conservatism) & Socialism (Liberalism) balancing approach creating "Hybrid Highend Harmony" of best design systems & structures for the PEOPLE & the NATION endorsing enhancing enduring "WE the PEOPLE". 

Top 13 National Parks USA



I WAS ...........BAPTIZED in CHRIST @ Kanbe Baptist Church, Yankin Township, Yangon City, Myanmar. In the name of.  ...   ETERNAL Yahweh Yeshua & Holy Spirit. Amen

Note: KB Church photos taken 2016 Myanmar Visit. My Mother was one of the FOUNDERS of this Church. In Christ WE Share... For Sharing is Caring. BIBLE teaches us ... Blessed are the MEEK for they will inherit the Earth (Matthew 5:5) & Blessed are the POOR (humble) in spirit (mind) for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven Matthew (5:3). Blessed are the PURE (sincere) in heart for they will see GOD. (5:8) Amen After Amen.Matthew Chapter 5 verses 11 & 1211 Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. 12 Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

My Love

Chaplin & Einstein

Rare Species! Conspicuous Chaplin + Excellent/Exceptional Einstein. In Alternate Way, a Jivy Joker + Genuine Genius............ T r u t h e r [ SRS ]  08012022

Nevadans/People's demand & right to choose. Stop the Con Scam. This needs to be CHANGE. WE are in Post Pandemic Era now!. Lottery must be allowed with tickets available EVERYWHERE in Nevada State. Driving to other States for tickets is insanely ridiculous...... 

T r u t h e r

The fight of the Century gets intense..... A land of laws aren't we? The problem is too much salt ruin the broth...........T r u t h e r.

Griddy Living in Crazy Corrupt Capitalist City Con Center ... We don't worship money, we worship GOD.

T r u t h e r

Top 13 National Parks of USA. 

Legal Thieves. ScamSin City............ T r u t h e r

My Top Fav State ... UTAH



Head waters

Hot Kofa Arizona

River Rafting 07212022 [ Fresh Start ]

Hoover Dam Explosion

Scarface Movie/1983 My #2 [#1 Passion of the Christ] all time fav and first going to theater in USA after I migrate. All participate actors are well known and famous. [Aging Effects we all face]

Most Strategic US frontier facing ASIA [Russia, North Korea & China] .... ALASKA

US Airforce & Elon Musk Co-operation in DEFENSE.

3rd Intake tunnel underground to suck Lake Mead water PROJECT for Sin City.

Over $1 million price las Vegas house sitting on 1/2 Acre lot.

JWST 7/14/2022 IMAGES.

WHO created NOTHING ?

In fighting within USA, America is NOT safe anymore.

American Baby Boomer Retirees Passion & Hobby to spent Golden Years by Miniature Models [ Trains ]

The Beach in My name in Burmese, TOE Beach at the mouth of TOE River that flows into the Andaman Sea, Myanmar. Zinyaw [Sea Gulls] nickname given by Yangon University Student Females when I was attending the University where Former US President Obama give a speech at the Convocation Hall in the University Compound.

Jesus defends & forgives the sinner

An Innocent man crucified because of HATE and Jealous CRIME. Jesus DIED for us so we must live for HIM and HIM ALONE, the ONE TRUE God of all.

I Believe 100% right or wrong it doesn't matter. I follow where my Heart goes. Amenn! 

Am I NOT a faithless. Amenn After Amenn !!!

Gorgeous Temple in Washington D.C.

WE all believe in Jesus Christ. Catholic, Orthodox or Protestant or Mormon it doesn't matter. Christ is the Common Center Focus !!!. Amenn

President Biden catch covid-19 after foreign trips.

IF I am the President of USA, I will never travel OUTSIDE of USA, especially adversary countries. I will ONLY do Virtual Meetings with leaders of other countries throughout my term (s). Wisdom Talks..... SRSminder

Concerning with United States of America # Am I /// NII
Concerning with Myanmar # Am I /// MII ....... T r u t h e r 07202022 

Casino Exposed Criminal Activities.



I'm NOT a Monk nor a Preacher or Teacher. I'm just plain & pure "Baptist Burmese Guy" next door. Redemption Resurrection & RISEN (Truth). Never Ever Fade Away. So is Easter (Traditional). So is Father God, Son Jesus & Word Spirit (Trinity). Eternal thing. Amenn. Christianity. Judaism.  Muslim.  Buddhism.  Confucius.   ALL.  Center on Jesus Christ.  Why? Because there is "Only ONE God who can do Miracles" and there is no other than Jesus for he performed Miracles. The ONLY reason he can go through this excruciating immense pain & tedious suffering, he is NOT fully a human "missing" his mother Mary's chromosome and only has God's DNA in him. Amenn. In other WORDS,  God's Chosen "Human Mother" Mary incubated God's created chromosomes (Spiritual Angels' advance notice to human Mary that she will incubate or conceive baby Jesus SEND from God). Remember when Jesus was alive on Earth he mentioned many times of HIS Father in Heaven. Why?. Because he KNOWS his true father is NOT human & he has no "human father" chromosome in him. Only God's created Chromosomes in Jesus for his true father IS GOD who created & send him to Earth. Jesus is different in MANY ways with humans like us. We Earthlings have human father & mother chromosomes [2]. Jesus only have God's created chromosomes [1]. This clearly indicates Jesus IS GOD.

Note. Google acknowledge 37 miracles but hey! How many years Google is around in our society?. 24 years. So do you think Google knows ALL Miracles done by Jesus Christ that lived many Centuries ago?. THINK !. God is God. Google is Google. Two different Entities. Don't be Confused. In other WORDS ... God knows EVERYTHING wherelse Google doesn't knows EVERYTHING. Truth is Truth & Truth never ever Lie. Amenn.

Great and Smaller Coco Islands are the strategic point where Andaman Sea & Bay of Bengal met (2 Seas) meeting point/junction.

Jane Defense studied Myanmar Military is one of the strongest in South East Asian Countries.

VIM-1 BNN.   ( 1 down ). 

Going to the Open Air Cemetery to Celebrate the Defeat of Death [ Resurrection ]. Amenn.I get up 5am in the morning and attend Easter Sunrise Service [ ESS ]. Since 1995 I never miss this Special Service to date 2023 making 28 years straight. No matter what... my dedication to my Spiritual [ not statue ] God Resurrection is my # 1 Special Day of the Year. When I get back home these 2 pictures ( 1 is program leaflet & another is the pic of me) were taken n posted. The  latest picture of me taken today April 9th, 2023.... Easter / Resurrection Day. I respect the Tradition Truth & Trinity. Amenn. 

White Cross Platform.

Suck my tongue Buddhist Monk.This is highly respected well known all over the world Tibetan Buddhist Clergyman / Monk doing this. Think. Not to mention he is OLD. For he is ONLY human. Amenn.


Update. 12 26 2023My conscious is clear for I know & understand the whole picture, the whole truth NOT partial. They pick on me because they cannot handle the truth. Blood stained hands are the worst......fOckCo......12222023If they hate me for telling the Truth ... Let it be.

Don't single out on just one particular person. That's call PICKING.
Did you know many are "scroll overs" and only a few "shared". Why? Because they lacks worthiness & wisdom. Let me say something about "colleagues" at work place. When you r the only Burmese both employees & Management in the ENTIRE hotel and 90% are Hispanic one single Burmese don't stand a chance for FAIR trial in anycase. Racism is EVERYWHERE. Every Race. Understand?.

Gawdama Buddha is just like you & me. He eat sleep shit & die. Like us. The only difference is he acheive or attained "Enlightenment" whatever that is and people or his disciple monks/follow practice his good teachings. Yea?. So is other Faiths. Only & Only Yeshua or Jesus rise from the dead and live again. In Jesus there IS life after Death. Guaranteed by Jesus Christ or Yeshua Christ. No other faith has, so they all jealous of Christians & Christianity demeaning as much as they could but to no avail to this day. 

Now that Christmas Day had passed, Let me talk a little about CAM   Consciousness Awareness Mindfulness. Possibility of "Life after Death"   Scientifically (No Bullshit). Study & Research on Human Brain ... The mostly unknown territory. Lynlight   12 26 2023WE all know about "resuscitation" for the Heart when it stops. Yea? Sometimes it works, sometimes it won't. Yah? So why not resuscitate the Brain? Why not? For both the Heart & Brain are the MAJOR factor for "Living Life". Follow me to this point? Yay? The catch is resuscitation on the Brain is much much delicate, tricky & slippery. Not like the Heart. As WE ... all knows Brain is more complex & sophisticated membrane one could think of let alone deal in practical terms. HighestEnd Being [ HEB ] had invented this amazing machine to function it's amazing performance so naturally from the HEB precise angle one must know which switch/point to turn 'off' AND which switch/point to turn 'on' out of Trillions of points. Follow me to this point.? Almighty Yahweh had design the Human Brain in the image of God so never underestimate the Miraculous Magnitude  of Magnificent Brain. Will pause for now folks!.

I Terencelyn endorse and support "Biblical Research" wholeheartedly. Same Meaning    Different NamesYahweh Yeshua   Jehovah Jesus ...Lynlight   12 26 2023

2 Major Topic on ...
# Possibility of "Life after Death" ... Scientifically.
# Consciousness Awareness Mindfulness... for humanity. Lynlight 12 26 2023

Christmas is Christmas. NOT holiday. New Year day is holiday NOT Christmas. Understand?.

I'm tired of being push around discriminated & disrespected for being a Christian. Christians are NOT people to be killed murdered & discriminated. Christians are Children of God. Look at the world today. Pandemic viruses, poverty, crimes, massacres etc. Not to mention Wars all around us. This is just the tip of an ICEBERG. Imagine if there is no Christian on Earth. Definitely Stone Age. God is with us. No matter what.

I need this gold cross (with Bible) necklace. ABSOLUTELY. 18K is my choice. Christmas Present for Me.12 25 2023.

Happy Holidays to Bullshit.

Solidarity Scandinavia This 4 Nations, Denmark, Norway, Sweden & Finland will be the most Important Strategic Nations on Earth located in Northern Hemisphere. I vision these 4 nations as Decisive Guidance Strategy [ DGS ] in 21st Century. Ally to Grandeur Greatness Granite Foundation [USA].12 25 2023

Nobody knows Jesus / Yeshua Birthday. Nobody. That's the Truth.Meaning of Christmas.Christianity & Science goes hand in hand AND in par. It's all in the Bible both Old & New Testaments. Setting a FIX date can FOCUS on the FAITH. Many disrespect "Merry Christmas" and tried to replace with "Happy Holidays" or X' mas etc. Let it be. Christians Faith is all that matters whether what the argument is for the POINT is God so love the world that he sent his only Son to save his Children of Light. That's one of the REASONS Christmas is dashing with colorful lights. As for December 25th we choose it because the weather is snowy & cool so let me say it again instead of making a fuss about the season not right, the gifts are economic and the whole agenda is Greek Pagan Gods worshipping etc. Why not keep a kind & understanding heart and exchange small gifts to lighten the kids mind for LOVE is all we need to this cruel, full of hatred and jealousy world. Makes sense?. Sincerity is Significant. Is it too much to ask? Sincerity doesn't cost a dime or cent.Did you really know and understand why a young Nation United States is so powerful? Because the Foundation is rock solid and some termites wants to destroy it but to no avil for termites can only destroy weak wood but not solid Boulder Granite Rock.Terence & Lyn. Amen & Merry CHRISTMAS! for Truth is Eternal....... 12 25 2023

Some say Jesus Birthday is not December 25th and celebrating with gifts & all that, I want to say something. Nobody knows the exact date but fix it into chosen date for recognition AND celebrating whether it looks like paganism I believe there is nothing wrong in exchanging gifts, share love & affection is a good thing. I encourage doing GOOD rather than BAD. Hallelujah. Gifts my Good neighbor give today. We exchange gifts. A token of celebrating The Savior is born. Amen. Gifts don't need to be expensive. It's just a token of love. Amen After Amen.

Most Merry Merry Christmas to ALL faiths & None faith of the World. Greetings with Genuine Gesture from Geniius Humble Dining Room. My dining room is a place of prayer at least 3 times a day before eating breakfast, lunch & dinner. Amen to Jesus / Yeshua.12 24 2023 Christ-Mas Eve Day ( Sunday ). Love Peace & Joy. To me regardless of turbulent times there is ALWAYS hope prosperity & happiness no matter what base on Humanity common ground regardless of DIVERSE race religion & faith......... Hallelujah Humanity !!!. Rejoice !Lynpray

T r i A n g l eVs.Skeleton Nephilim.    12 26 2023

The Three Truth:
Truth is Eternal
Truth Matters
Truth is Verifiable ... 12 26 2023