JOHN 1 : 1
In the beginning was the WORD, and the WORD was with God, and the WORD was God.

YOU cannot understand the OPEN Book with a CLOSED mind & thinking........
$loth $ystem [ Thein Toe Lyn ] 12192022

My creative description (on Bible quote) IS ....... Preeminently Philosophically Paradoxical.

Jesus Real Birthdate September 23rd, Tuesday Born.
After the Resurrection. Jesus of Nazareth, Son of God
Life of Jesus
Online Preeminent Proceed Paradoxical Philosophical Presence


L Y N stands for ...
LIGHT, YESHUA & NONPARTISAN all my life both in Myanmar & America.
Dated November 13th 2022.
MOGOK Preeminent Pride:
Rarest of Rare Stone MOGOK Burma Ruby sold for $30.3 Million. The ENTIRE region of MOGOK City IS sitting on the VEIN of Rubies & "Painite" Hyper Precious Stones of Planet Earth found ONLY in Myanmar. The ENTIRE Valleys, Hills & Mountains are full of Gemstones. This place is year round Misty and perfectly elevated to a precise height and EVERGREEN environment Nature had provided. Located in Northern Shan State (5 hours drive from Mandalay City), the largest State of Myanmar.
Mogok 800 Anniversary. Mogok Evergreen City full of finest rubies. Misty Valley Year Round.
Mogokians [ native people living in Mogok ] "always look at the ground while walking" on off roads streets and environments for it is said and true one if lucky can find precious gems laying around by Rain wash. It IS a habitual nature of "Mogokians" [ word created / invented by me ].
Genuine Ruby in natural spring water. No need to dig to find it. Mogok is rich in Finest quality Rubies. When you're walking, always look on the ground for there are rubies laying around among common stones for when rain falls @ Myanmar Rainy Season (Myanmar had only 3 quarterly seasons namely Summer, Rainy & Fall / Nature's Blessings) these rubies are wash away from hill sides and mountains sides full of rubies. Mogok Myanmar UNLIKE any place in the world.
Highest price Ruby from Mogok Myanmar [ $30.3 Million ]
MOGOK Preeminent Pride:
Rarest of Rare Stone MOGOK Burma Ruby sold for $30.3 Million. The ENTIRE region of MOGOK City IS sitting on the VEIN of Rubies & "Painite" Hyper Precious Stones of Planet Earth found ONLY in Myanmar. The ENTIRE Valleys, Hills & Mountains are full of Gemstones. This place is year round Misty and perfectly elevated to a precise height and EVERGREEN environment Nature had provided. Located in Northern Shan State (5 hours drive from Mandalay City), the largest State of Myanmar.
Rare Blue Lobster
Grandfather Rock Beach in Myanmar
My Own Country
Bad Company
Yangon Street Food
Pacific Islands
Evil Psychopath
Nuclear Subs
American Genius Adoniram Judson
Burmese Bible is THE Monument of A.J. Achievement.
China Redline Warning
QUAD 2.0 (Prefer Malabar Exercise in International waters)
Dragon vs Sword
One of my top 3 US President ... Woodrow Wilson
What is Neowiseinstitute (old outdated on 8/22/2021) ? Ziwazoe Replace it. Map of Ziwazoe Home. In English Ziwazoe [MyanMar Name] is called Swiftlet.
Christie & Auriol islands are Myanmar territory,98.0195214,12.18z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x30576ff963625ca3:0x7ee45be16c827326!8m2!3d9.6282873!4d97.9729094
Just like Solar System, my “ziwazoe zyztem” has 4 inner circle States (CA, NV, UT, AZ) & 2 outer (WA & WY)
My # 3 Chosen site >>> Prescott, Arizona
Mogok Myanmar
Bayside Buffet, Mandalay Bay (where I work from Feb, 1999 to March, 2020)
Unique Rock Crawler
3 State Junction
It is all about Knowledge, Necessity, Experience & Wisdom KNEW for short. The name "Neowise" is base upon a rare comet that visits us (Earthlings) once every 6,800 years. "Institute" is a collection of expertise in various inclusive fields.
Minds over Matter
The Power of 1:-: 1 Brain, Endless Thoughts. It started with 1 human created by GOD. The Initial One!
The Universe itself has freedom by birth or big bang as the scientists call it. Free to expand endlessly. From birth Time Space Matter & Gas was born thus our Universe begins spontaneously significantly and splendidly.
Symbol or Logo of Neowise Institute Platform [NIP] is " Purple Faces " logo at the right 3D picture created by me.
The color PURPLE Pyramid is mixture of Red (173%), Green (63%) & Blue (204%) with the background White. Purple representing cohesiveness coordination cooperation common sense & common ground @ different perspectives in paradoxical manner each correct in it's own way/manner. Faces representing Earthlings, Brainy high intelligent beings created invented by God. Pyramid representing solid everlasting foundation moving upwards to greatness. 3 D represents 3 Dimensional TRINITY [Father Son & Holy Spirit] into/as ONE [Unity/Strength].
How do you understand GOD? God is not a thing or a man or a woman or even a human. Human is a production from God. God exists before Time, Space, Matter or Gas and still is today. God is flexible and can fit into ANYTHING. God is awesomely fantastic and exist forever even after everything ceases to exist including the Universe itself. God's plan is profoundly permanently presence. We as Earthlings may not understand but rest assure God presence is near next to any individual for God is Omnipresence, Omniscient & Omnipotent...... So "let it be or so be it" meaning "Amen". God "forgives" to the humans for they know NOT what they are doing or saying. Amen! God is Mature Mighty & Majestic, Intelligent Impeccable & Invisible. Amen After Amen!
Our Universe
Awesome Harp Twins (My Eternal Anthem = Amazing Grace)
Telling Thesis of Tenacity & Trajectory:-:
Concerning with Burma or Myanmar [This unique country has 2 names] whichever you prefer I had something to reveal. I analyze there are 2 PROMINENT major Dictators in the PAST. BOTH are Supreme Generals and extremely POWERFUL & CONTROL the entire Country's Military. One is the FIRST Dictator and the other is the LAST Dictator. The FIRST Dictator lucky number is 9 and the LAST Dictator lucky number is 6 and they BOTH are very superstitious & believes in Astrology and sometimes did according to their favorite Astrologists Guidance.
Well here comes the most interesting part. The Great Conjunction of Jupiter (first D) & Saturn (last D) line up to create the bright if not the brightest in the dark night sky. Here's the catch!. Neowise Interstellar Object [NIO] visit BEFORE this Great Conjunction. and this NIO lucky number is 3 which CAN divide both 9 & 6 but 9 & 6 CANNOT divide 3. True? Got the point? Dig the Gig in the Sky?.
I prefer the name MYANMAR out of the 2 names because it is most "appropriate and authentic" dates back to the original ancient era  BEFORE British Colonial times [British Burma].
History of Las Vegas from the 1930s to present.
Shadow of Drought [ Nature can take over in TIME ]
Literally the US "South West" is mainly a desert area. That includes Southern California, Southern Nevada, Western Arizona etc.
Focus Fund
Step 1
Step 2
Top 100 destinations (Travel)
US Dominance on Earth
Modern Myanmar :-:
From Island [Christie] in the South Andaman Sea to Snowcapped Mountain [Khakabo Razi] in the North Himalaya Tip where Bay of Bengal & Andaman Sea meet at Cape Preparis.
Adoniram Judson [ Monument for A.J. in AVA City, Myanmar ]
Mya Thwet Thwet Khine Myanmar Martyr [Spring Revolution 2021] future site of the MONUMENT in Naypyitaw City, Myanmar
Myanmar Martyr Angel [Spring Revolution 2021]. Future site of MONUMENT in Yangon City, Myanmar.
Myanmar Military Politics
Rising White Star Of Asia
Site of Martyrdom
UN Special Envoy Secretary General Christine
Genius of all Geniuses
Congress has the FINAL say in electing the legal President of the United States.
America on the brink of submission to China Communist Party.
United States Supreme Court Justice Alito
United States of America 45th President MOST important Speech.
Kraken in Steriod
Super Scientist Professor Dr. Albert Einstein Real Interview & Voice
Hallelujah Praise the Lord
Freedom From Fear
USAF Mysterious Super Fighter Jet.
US Election 12 Days to go.
Data Evidence / Proof Republican wins.
US Election Live Stream
Biden very angry
9 days to go
My First Country USA
Tracking the LAST week to Election Day.
My Second/Native Country ... Myanmar
Burmese Scholar Dr. Thant Myint U
BAGAN ancient Myanmar Kingdom
Confluence/Myitsone needs conservation and replant trees cause by deforestation.
Kachin State, the edge of Tibet. Putao town, the farthest northern town of Myanmar.
Trump best foreign policy
Tracking TRUMP
GOP gaining voter registration
Against all odds
Second Win
America's Future Barron Trump
Trump must win for betterment of USA and World.
Trump the Defender of USA
Beware of theft
Perseverance Path
Arizona Trump Supporters
Fraud Election
Electoral Vote is Different
Not concede
Trumpism. President Trump had created a Modern Relevant Diverse Powerful United Race Front Transforming the Republican Party to a Dynamic Political Force for many decades to come.
NTD position on Election.
Trump 2nd Term
Pentagon Purge
US vs. Google
DJT can win all 50 states
Biden NOT President Elect yet
Organized Voter Fraud.
Courts Battle
Tainted Machines
Electoral College
Constitutionality Process.
Treason fact checking
Machines hack
Trump 2nd Term
Road to total Victory
People Get Ready
Massive Election Fraud
Trump will never concedes
Trump leading
2020 election results
Biblical Prophecy
Voter Fraud
Election Fraud
Machines Rigged
Trump legal team lead lawyer
Kraken Killer
NV ignite the turn of the century in 2020 election
Sidney Powell
Worship wins
Putin refuse
Dominion on the run
Election fraud
In PA. Correcting the Corruption.
Narrow but Clear Path
Evidence only for SCOTUS
White Hat
X-22 Report
National Archives Results
Strategic Videos
Gen-Z Myanmar
Easter in Myanmar
R2P OK for Myanmar.
MAT (Myanmar American Troops)
Armenian Genocide formally recognize by Biden Admin
Ukraine front
ENGLISH Language
Chinese invasion into Burma Part 2
Part 1
Myint - Sino War
Kingdom of War
Myanmar Army History
Yangon street food
Argentina the retirement place
09182022 (Sunday)
Royal Kingdom *Immediate* Bloodline
Strictly Only Genuine [SOG]
NO cousins, in-laws, others...
British Style Brilliant Brains :-:
Insight or Idea OVER Platform.
Superior September Sightings.
LOOK The TIME & TIDE [ September/time - 2022/tide ] has come. IDEA comes first before Platform. It is what it is. As we are approaching into second half of THIS Century (21st Century) we advanced into unimaginable exploration of educated & intelligent new ways that fits for the second half of 21st Century. Don't shackled and bogged down cemented to Pavement Presentation Platform. Old & Obsolete ways must make way for New & Neutronic ways after all time waits for no foolish man.
This is a plain design of how Jupiter capture Mars (and others) in keeping Solar System as it is. The INSIGHT for gravitational pulling "strings" in design & complexity is Highly Intelligent Ideas/Insight [ HID ].
Royal Horse Guard
Already OPEN Book. HIS Majesty Long Live Legendary King Charles III. My personal Tribute to the Brilliant British Monarchy in "United Kingdom of Earth" [ UKE ]. Don't forget the British RULE India so is Burma. Burma now in a mess [ next to nothing ] rule by Burmese Military since 1962 to date. What an opposite in quality.
Royal Kingdom *Immediate* Bloodline
Strictly Only Genuine [SOG]
NO cousins, in-laws, others...
Did you know what GMT stands for? It means Greenwich Mean Time which makes UK the CENTER of TIME for mother Earth... Gii
Royal Throne
Biden Respect
TOP leaders of Russia, China, Myanmar VOID in 70 yrs reign United Kingdom Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II funeral. Brilliantly British!!!...
G.i.i. 09202022
Royal Vault @ Windsor Castle
The Queen's Committal Service. My Favorite Part. RIP. Did you know or believe there are "Angels" (Superior Spirits) Guarding the Souls of Deep Defender of Faith Royals lies in that Chamber commonly known as THE ROYAL VAULT.
Sharing My Memories. 
One of me & my mom favorite forever song...Old Rugged Cross. My mom plays piano and sing lead Church Choir @ Kanbe Baptist Church (where she founded) in Rangoon (Yangon), Burma (Myanmar).
Christian Nationalism
Winner takes all. A commonsense commonwealth
Late Queen Elizabeth II final resting place
Wisdom does NOT come from Universities. Wisdom comes from Eternal God.
W i s e r e r
Si Kyat Kaw Ye
09262022       Reality Check
Splendor Secrets of Space. 
The Universe is made up of different beautiful colors. Not just Black & White. So is the Planet Earth.
JWT [ latest advanced Telescope in Deep Space ] tracking Our Universe. Clouds of Gas, Dust, Matter are expanding in Tremendous Speed [ Time ]. All the energy & matter are in "space time" where 15 Billion years time = 1 blink of an eye time. The equation, formula & precision are Synchronize Systematically Simultaneously. Many thought this is random & coincidence. I thought this is intentionally implanted intelligently which we know very little about it. A highly superior design.
Burmese is a Rare Specie. The entire hotel where I had worked in the past I'm the ONLY Burmese in the entire Employees or Management. Gone through discrimination.
There are estimated 25 Million Burmese in 7 Billion people on Earth. Only 1 million Burmese Christians. Buddhists 24 million. We are one of the least minority on this planet.
Don't forget Union of Burma (50 Million population) is made up of 135 races which Burmese is just 1 out of 135 different races.
Burmese has it's own Independent language & culture. No other race understand it. Not the Chinese, Vietnamese, Thais, India etc. understand it. NONE
Rare Specie Burmese. Burmese Christians even Rarer. 1 Million or less total on the Entire Planet. They are used to racial discrimination around the world.
Right now, UN Security Council or UN General Assembly cannot do nothing about Burmese people being bomb by Military Regime, in fact Russia China backs them
RARE SPECIE on Planet Earth,
Burmese Christians [ BC ]. 1 Million or Less TOTAL on Earth's 7 Billion population..
R a r e r 09262022
Rejecting Jesus Christ has everlasting Consequences. Burma for example. Building Pagodas, Temples, Stupas EVERYWHERE is replace with killings murders & crimes.
My fav food Burmese Fish Intestine Curry