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02 08 2024

YOU got the Money, WE got the Hearts/Votes:MAGA - Make America Great Again (Elephant).MMM - Majestic Model Movement (Eagle)BBB - Bring Back Better (Donkey)

MazeBrain @ QuietQuantum 02 08 2024.  H i s t o r i c  3 Way Race Starts!!!.My Favorite Jacket I wear to MMM Rally. It's water proof too. It was raining on that day [02 04 2024]. Perfect. 


Majestic Model Movement
[ MMM ]
QuietQuantum 02 08 2024 

Vietnamese versions on Myanmar's Capital Naypyidaw. Myanmar Military Government move the previous Capital City Yangon to New Capital Naypyidaw 4 times the size of New York City. United States is the MODEL of showing to the world by moving Capital New York City to well Planned New Capital Washington D.C.. CCE / MazeBrain 


Rumors On Righteous
[ ROR ] Crosscrux 02 08 2024 

U.S. Currency Is the World's Currency. U.S. $ Money is the Model.CCE @ QuietQuantum. 



Model Capital City Washington D.C. "explained in Burmese" why there is no skyscrapers. Officially move USA Capital City from New York to NEW well Planned Splendor Washington D.C. 


I'm not a Neggie but a Posse. Who the heck represent Donkey? Who the heck represent Elephant? & Who is the leader of Eagle?. Comprehend Concept?.  CCE / MazeBrain. 02 07 2024 

Planet Earth: The Light is White. The Land is Red. The Sky is Blue.... United States is The Model Nation.

CCE / MazeBrain.  02 07 2024 




American Dollar $$$ also known as *Greenback* will CRUSH all Dictators regardless of Country size, big or small, Nuclear or not...Temugin Lyn. $wift $hark $trike

Wisdom & Insight.Seeking Searching for the TRUTH. All Buddhists & Hindus are striving to achieve Enlightenment ( Nirvana ) example demonstrated by Buddha, the Awaken One. 


TRUTH never change and irrelevant to TIME.Why Myanmar becomes a Buddhist nation. Don't be confused. The Yunnan Province (YUNNANESE) in current Southern China is different from Chinese and they speak different languages just like MONGOLS are different from CHINESE. Historically speaking MANIPUR, TIBET & YUNNAN belongs to MYANMAR in Heritage Race & Culture making MYANMAR one of the LARGEST country in ASIA. 69% of the Union the Burmese descendant Tribes from 4 major ethnic races namely 1) MON, 2) PYU from TIBET & BAMAR from YUNNAN & SHAN from YUNNAN.

YadayarYa / TL  11262023. 



"Navyblue" is the Code Name.Temugin Lyn [ TL ]
@ YadayarYa 

American Dollar $$$ also known as *Greenback* will CRUSH all Dictators regardless of Country size, big or small, Nuclear or not...Temugin Lyn. $wift $hark $trike 

T e m u g i n    L y n   Unified   Union (12 States)Founded on ... 3 Eco Friendly Pillars.1) Agricultural 2) Educational3) Highend Technology.Note: Naypyitaw ( current Capital) will be part of Mandalay State. Kayah/Karenni & Karen/ Kayin will be one State as Karen State and finally Yangon & Bago will be one State as Yangon State making 12 States. No more Regions but States. NEW Modern Hanthawaddy International Airport [ H I A ] in Yangon State will be the HUB for South East Asia, South Asia & Indo - Pacific Region. New Capital City will be MaHarMate City in Yangon State.Christian Girl Naw Marr (Myanmar Origin) posting. I love it. If this place is in Chin State, I don't care Chins can called their place CHINLAND as long as they are part of the UNION. UNION must NEVER EVER disintegrate like Soviet Union, a Communist Dictatorship State.Temugin Lyn [ TL ]. Amen. Long Live CHINLAND !!!. or KACHINLAND. !!!. KARENLAND etc.Together WITH the UNION, forever. Amen.I will let all 12 States freedom to form their own Goverment but NOT own Army. 12 separate Governments must NOT supercede Federal Goverment. The all civilian 12 Governments will then form the Federal Central Union Government that has the final say in Governing the Nation. Military Union Army is separate ENTITY but cannot interfere in Politics nor can charge civilians with Military Laws. 

Christian Girl Naw Marr (Myanmar Origin) posting. I love it. 


Tatmadaw Tactic. Since the 1st Dictator General Ne Win created Myanmar  - Ta Yoke (Chinese) crisis history repeats itself by General Min Aung Hlaing creation of Myanmar  - Chinese crisis Demonstration occurred now again. Even openly conduct public demonstrations in front of Chinese Embassy. Also claim 3 Brotherhood Alliance offensive as Chinese invasion battle meaning Chinese nationals (Veterans) involved in the attack at North Eastern Shan State bordering China. Chinese 80% trade & investment area is now control by 3 Brotherhood Alliance with Chinese help. My INSIGHT is China wants the ENTIRE Shan State Disintegrated from the UNION at least if not the entire country Myanmar. China already established Chinese ethnic WA tribe Armed Forces who speaks ONLY Chinese and use ONLY Chinese money YUAN all over Shan State known as UWSA ( United Wa State Army, 30,000 or more Regular FULLY armed TROOPS with Chinese made weapons & money). 


My Take: : : Tatmadaw Trend: ... Major Military Reshuffle. One Mastermind After Another Mastermind (Genius). Myanmar Marathon Tatmadaw for 7 Decades.Myanmar will be *Navyblue*. Absolutely!!!. Just a matter of Time.Possible New (Young Age) Military Commander-in-Chief (no battle experience also nickname as "Nay Toe" Movie Actor) Youngest  General "Kyaw Zwar Lin" to take General "Min Aung Hlaing" place when he (Min Aung Hlaing) change to civilian (retire from Military). Actually General Min Aung Hlaing reserve General Moe Myint Tun as right hand man to take his place but General Moe Myint Tun was arrested and jailed for 20 yrs. Therefore DEPUTY young General Kyaw Zwar Lin is most likely to take his Military position as Commander-in-Chief when General Min Aung Hlaing leave office for Civil duty.11262023Temugin Lyn...[ TL ].Notice the date November 25th, 2023 (news). Birth of Temugin Lyn / YadayarYa. Coincidence?. Your guess is as good as mine.MYANMAR Military ( Tatmadaw ).P.S. Ta Yoke Tat ( Chinese Military ) is conducting "Military Exercise" in Southern China (Yunnan Province) bordering Myanmar/Shan State place where FIERCE FIGHTING between 3 Brotherhood Alliance vs. Myanmar Tatmadaw occurred @ Myanmar - China Border. 


Democratic vs. Dictatorship civil war in Myanmar. Karenni/Kayah State 80% liberated by democratic KNDF forces. 






Conditional Constitution [ FUM ]





US Dollar


10 Commandments / Laws.

The Birth of a New Democratic Republic Nation.Conditional Corruption Clean Constitution for ( FUM )10 Commandment/Laws ( Update / Amendments Possible ).1) Civilians cannot be charge or interfere politics with Military laws vice versa and only Union Army/Military Participate by all ethnic personals can bare Arms. 2) Each 3 Branches (Civilians / Military / High Tech) has EQUAL separate Powers.3) There will be 12 States with their own representatives & governments built for Central Government, the Federal Union of Myanmar. 4) Nation is founded upon Agriculture, Technology & Peaceful Prosperity (Eco Wise).5) Elected Central Government Renew/Election every 5 yrs with 2 term limits.6) All foreign nations will have EQUAL opportunity near or far, big or small, rich or poor, nuclear or not.7) State/Nation power stays in the hands of the PEOPLE.8] Faith Freedom Foundation Forever.9) Knowledge Education & Innovation base policy without politics. 10) Seeking & Searching for the TRUTH.Temugin Lyn [TL]   11252023.Myanmar National Emblem ( Pyinsa Yupa Head or entire Body) of Federal Union of Myanmar.  FUM 


New Strategic Innovator [NSI] BORN on November 25th, 2023. Remote Righteous Ruler known as *Temugin Lyn* [TL] $$$ .. Watch out Satanic Followers & Dwellers. 

Satanic Deception
The Fact & the Truth. They started the war and they blamed it to the victims. This is the era we are living. The innocent becomes criminal, criminal becomes innocent.
11252023. Lynlight 



My favorite paper money American $ 100 dollar bill. Love it. I love the design, color & number 100.     11242023Lynways 


Telling the TRUTH is NOT a crime.World Wide Wisdom [ www ].China ERADICATING Muslim Mosques all over China. Atheist vs Allah.Muslim, another "Ass up in the Air" religion just like Buddhists "Ass in the Air" religion. Both are same kind of worshipping. One (Muslims) Ass up for Allah and another (Buddhists) Ass up for Buddha. In Burmese we say " Phim Moo Down Dong ". 


Slyly Retaliation by Tatmadaw against Ta Yoke.Yesterday Tatmadaw (Junta) heavy weapons/bombs landed on Ta Yoke (Chinese) trade Vehicles station in MUSE border town blowing up 120 FULLY loaded goods TRUCKS were destroyed & burnt down. The truck station has 250 vehicles park because of closure of BORDER PASS between Myanmar & Ta Yoke Countries Business trade routes. 11/24/2023. 



Operation 1027


Operation 1027 is October 27th, 2023 the date Assault on Myanmar Junta Forces. Aside on Junta cruel actions I love the Tatmadaw tackling the BIG nuclear neighbors Ta Yoke ( China ) & Ka Lah ( India ) for decades since World War 2 ended. So far Myanmar is STILL an Independent Nation. Right now Ta Yoke is FED UP with Tatmadaw (Junta) for prolonging THEIR (Ta Yoke) economic projects and plans to trap Myanmar by financial enticement AND ONLINE SCAMS currently done by Chinese Nationals inside Myanmar territory costing China Billions of US Dollars every single day with WORLDWIDE affect. So far Tatmadaw Spoke person General Zaw Min Tun announced recently that over 6,000 Chinese Nationals who illegally enter Myanmar and doing online scams had been arrested and hand over to the Chinese border authorities. 


Jesus Christ is ... My Center, Crux & Everything. HE is innocent and yet HE was Crucified. HE is my refuge, model, example and Lord no matter what. I don't rely on imperfect humans. 

When United States exchange "Dollar" with "Alaska" from Russia and Russia took the money, that is NOT stealing although Russia falsely accused it as theft. A deceptional concept... Lynways.11242023 

Once a Criminal. ALWAYS a Criminal so ... PROVE it beyond any shadow of doubt in Court under Oath for the burden is on the Accusers' responsibility. 

Hate Jealousy & Pride brings wicked misfortune. A toxic cocktail of evil.Misinformation Disillusioned Deceptive and Finally a BIG LIE against PRESENT white Christian people that has nothing to do with the PAST misfortunes. The situation in the PAST is way different than what it is today and THAT is the "full event" by "verificational" documentary (not story) and the TRUTH. Truth doesn't rely nor relevant with TIME changes. Truth is what REALLY happened in Past & Present. Different events. Confusing is Satan's tool to camouflage the TRUTH into deceptive assumptions to manufactured faulty biase frauds base on Gossips & RUMOR. Amen.P.S. I don't want to waste my remaining PRECIOUS time on deceptive allegations base on prejudice pride & jealousy which are the root cause of fraud, hatred & criminal accusations. So help them God. 


US Dollar Banknotes. Greenback. American Money is International STANDARD World Currency. 


T. S. L.

US $ ( # 1 ) is "friendly" with Japanese Yen ( # 3 ) & European Euro (# 2 ), "unchallenged" too. This make US $ more stronger as World Embedded Currency. 3 MAJOR currencies is a Solidified World Currency second to none !!!.

Together these big 3 will be the benchmark of World Financial Institution. 3 into 1 [ Holy Trinity ] In God We Trust.

My #1 fav food, Soft Shell Crab ( video from 30mins to 42 mins)


I don't need to fly half the Globe to eat soft shell crab in Myanmar in South Asia. I can fly to North Carolina Coastline, East Coast USA. A lot convenient and closer to home.

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Alaska Case is done deal AND cannot, willnot RECIND/Backtrack by any means. The BEAR Grizzzzz. After Ukraine, Alaska?. Lookout, Mad Bear On The Loose. In my perspective, Siberia is EAGLE territory. Ancient Native Americans migrated from Asia Continent [Siberia] through Bering Strait/Sea when it (Siberia + Alaska) was connected with ICE. By the WAY "Universal Law" says "Once you/anyone TAKES & KEEP the money (any money/amount)" its DONE DEAL/FINALLY FINISHED, cannot RECIND.

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