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01 11 2024

Arrows Cross & Pheasant Cabin.

02 27 2024

3E 2Y

Universal Truth / Principle : Darkness cannot Handle the Light. Always. 02 27 2024.3E

I'm Satisfied 2 Christian Nations Solidarity as ONE Formidable Freedom Force to Counter Communist China. US + Philippines Military Alliance will be Center Power in Indo-Pacific Region. Well Done.

I repost it the past post in 2021. Oh my God, I realize how much I contribute HUMANITY around the world including fellow Burmese by my "years of posting" FREE. No problem with me being a contributor FREE of Charge. Folks enjoy my posts. I'm glad & satisfied people around the world enjoys my MANY posts for there are good ones all through out the years since I join Facebook in 2016. 8 yrs now and counting. Feel Free to use my good intentions Gestures. I LOVE SHARING for Sharing IS Caring. Enjoy folks. 02 27 2024.

2021 post:

Rangoon / Yangon City. The ONLY guaranteed drought resistence City for it RAINS 4 months EVERY year. This City is situated by 5 Rivers Confluence AND located near the Andaman Sea not to mention RAIN carrying clouds blown by North bound monsoon winds dump the moisture onto Rangoon / Yangon City every year. There never was a miss year ever since. No wonder naturally grown lush shady trees all over the city retaining the name "Garden City" of ASIA. By the way folks don't confuse with Burmese & Chinese are the same for it's NOT. Burmese has different language, literature and culture. Burmese speak, write different and Burmese don't understand Chinese and vice versa. The 2 lakes Inya & Kandawgyi are refilled by monsoon season rain every year. When there is plenty of FRESH water there is plenty of vegetation, fish & foods for water is one of the source for LIFE.

Terence [Terentius/Dramatist] Lyn [Manifesting  Variety].Taken 02 26 2024 Monday Morning. Reverse Aging in Process. Universal Conscious Guy/Geniius. 

Authentic Original Identity of "Terence" is a Biographical Name according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary from Dramatist "Terentius" as early as 186-159 B.C. 

Wonderful Wisdom. Queen of Diverse Arts, Delta Dimensions, Power of Pop, Spectrum of Sights onto Endless Potentials ONLY Genius Gorgeous can do. Amazing Brain. Taylorite

Mule ride bright angel trail

Oatman town

Authentic Original definition or identity of Terence is? Also Lyn is?. Terence is a Biographical Name Originated from Terentius in 186-159 B.C. according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary. It's an Ancient Antique Name. As for LYN its Variant or Manifesting Variety according to Dictionary...Terentius

01 28 2024

Truth is Timeless.
T r a n s f e r e e 01 28 2024 [ Sunday ]. In Las Vegas History Terence Lyn [ Transferee from Circus Circus Enterprise ] OPENS New LUXOR & MANDALAY BAY Resorts in 1993 & 1999 respectively. Amen to Yeshua.
Add Note: At Mandalay Bay I represent the SERVERS @ Employees RALLY @ Concert Hall (now Michael Jackson One concert) before the Opening. Amen After Amen.

01 27 2024

Dated January 27th, 2024 ( Saturday ).Laws are WRITTEN. By whom may I ask?. Drop from Heavenly Kingdom?. NO ... It is by humans down on Earth who are subject to imperfections. It Is What It Is. Be Truthful. Listen up & Let me get this straight ... Now !:Current Corruption Era needs paper documents, evidence & witnesses, even bribery & manipulation influential hostile takeovers by Money Force/Source. "Timeless Truth" doesn't need those crap for Truth is what REALLY happened in REAL term & time... Verifiable & Tangible in a Conspicuous, truthful honest manner. Of course now adays honesty is Rare and Sincerity is scarce. So they dwell on artificial manufactured bullshits not to mention Messy Time Consuming Cost hijacking scenario. In my perspective current corrupt world is Outdated & Obsolete. We Earthlings need Honest Intelligent Methods & System to Revolutionize BOLDLY & BRAZENLY. So help us True God, Father of Infinite Wisdom AND Creator of Everything in Precision & Perfection. Amen. Eccentric Eagle or MazeBrain  Add Note :-:U.S. COURTS are build & founded upon TRUTH. The WHOLE Truth. Not CORRUPTION. Let that be CLEAR.

Picture of Me taken January 25th, 2024 after Hair Cut. [ Picture I.D. ]. Terence  LYN.

Truth is Simple BUT Significantly Splendor. Truth is Timeless YET Transparently Terrific....ExquisiteEssential 01 27 2024 

I had invented "eccentric style" English that prevent protect progress AND guarantee into New Era English as Forever World Language and STOP Chinese language right in their track.
A Daring Design by MEE if one can MazeBrain.
Also Just as "Yuan" cannot overtake "Dollar", Chinese language cannot overtake English.
MazeBrain. 01 26 2024. 

R ising  F reedom  K night Jr. Waiting in the Wings of Bald Eagle MazeBrain.

My Creation of New Federal Union of Myan Mar Capital City [ Name & Map ]. 3 Times Greater than current Capital "Nay Pyi Taw"..... Lynyon.   January 26th, 2024.Note:  MAHARMEIK (Myanmar Name spell/written in English) means ALLIANCE in English.

Three Pillars:
What Humans proposed, God disposes. It is impossible to comprehend/understand God's infinite Wisdom. The Vastness of the Universe that the Creator created is the perfect example that Earthlings can TRY or Attempt [ Like A.I. ] to read the MIND of God like Einstein & other distinguished excellent icons, it is to no avail we can achieve that. There are many limitations for humans like for instance death. Some Accomplished much & some nothing but that doesn't matter in the Book of Holy Creator who created & recorded on EVERYTHING. Truth matters, So does Faith. Realistically down to Earth & Earthlings 3 Pillars stands out. Hope, Love & Faith.... Transferee 01 25 2024 

Although I came from 90% Buddhist Burmese Country, I'm Baptist Burmese Christian since 12 yrs old. Why?. Cuz God had a purpose & reason to choose me out of many... Transferee

The Brain Maze Explores On Mars........MazeBrain Endures [ To continue in the same state ].  01 27 2024.

Mogok Rubies


No Power Eye Glass. Just finished morning shower. Today 6:30 am shower. Taken 01 11 2024. Motto: "No Greed But Creed Just Needs". The Nest is the Best. Retirement Job is the best with Total Freedom 24/7/Yr. Miracles are extremely Rare but Real. The Presence of God is Selectively Serenity & Splendor......PureHeart.

Bloody True. All my life is full of uphill battles & difficulties since I was 9 years old when my father passed away and my single mother (widow) take cares of 4 siblings single handedly. She was my father & my mother since dad passed away for she never remarry although young age because of us siblings. My mom before she passed away said "son, although I will not be near you Jesus Christ will be besides you and will take care of you always so don't worry". What she said was true after all.

9 volatile storms in 61 days (6 in October & 3 in November). The last one is supposed to be final nail in the coffin by Satan & Devil COMBINATION (immortal) last attack. The last ATTACK was most ferocious attack. 11 30 2023. Never forget. However Yeshua & Assigned Angels SAVED & PROTECT. Miracles are RARE but REAL. Believe it or not. My personal private encounter. PureHeart    01 11 2024.

My body was made from the dust. Earth dust or Star dust but DUST so will it goes back to where it belongs. SOUL is different. It comes as an IMAGE of God belongs to God which means it goes back to God's discretion. Our physical body was made from dust so dust will it go but the life of a soul was created in the IMAGE of God thus Soul belongs to God. The separation of Soul and body makes humans passed away. Those 2 needs to be "together" to function as LIVING life. TIME itself is different. Earth time is 24 hrs. for 1 day but in Astronomical time Earth's time 100,000 yrs can be equivalent to 1 second. Earthlings doesn't know much about OUR solar system let alone deep space or OUR Universe. Light is the Standard tool for measuring distance and time. Earthlings use distance as "light year" in Space. The Space is so vast that even using light years distance we can never measure the Universe. The speed of light is known as 186,000 miles per second Earth's time. Multiply by how many seconds in 1 hr x 24 hr x 1 year days x Years.PureHeart. 

Me ...  My 2 Cadillac, Hummingbird, Ring, Toy. My 2 Cadillac are my 2 Horses that takes me to California, Utah & Arizona. Nearby States.01 10 2024Lynlight.

Triple Down Affect: True. Rewards for being a "Whistleblower" is not pleasant nor easy. As a legal immigrant and become American Citizen some decades ago, I realized America is NOT safe for "Telling the Truth". Reprisals Retaliations Repercussions Ramifications are abound. God help US. I will still stick to The Truth, nothing but The WHOLE Truth so help me God. Amen. Terencelyn @ Fixed ICEBERG

Arrows Cross & Pheasant Cabin. Did you or Can you decode or interpret the "hidden meanings" of these two?.

United Kingdom [ Christian Nation ] is the HEAD of Commonwealth.

God save the King !!!


British Royal Family Flag




Forgiveness begins at the Cross ... Luke 23:34

08112022    Challenger of Discrimination.

Research:-: Equation Equality & Empathy in FREEDOM of Expression. Crosses will be EVERYWHERE in Myanmar. Symbol of ... Equal Opportunity for Myanmar Christians in Myanmar. WE stand FIRM on our rights & ground. Discrimination unacceptable. Amenn.

Research :-: IF Burma Buddhists can put Pagodas everywhere THEN Myanmar Christians can put Crosses on top Pagodas creating Crosses EVERYWHERE 

Good Company (Employer) always have these criteria on their MANAGEMENT team. NOT investigating behind and ignoring training on their (all) employees picking on some if they don't like. Good Company/Employer NEVER put down ANY employee (especially high seniority employee) nor disregard for no human is perfect any way. I can go on endlessly how GOOD Company/Employer should play fair and decent attitude and action for I'm in this employee business for 36 years. No EMPLOYEE can last 36 years straight if BAD. That's the naked TRUTH, PROVEN RECORD & EVIDENCE.

Eagle Elegant Ensign. I prefer *BaldEagle* over the MaleLion as My Symbol of Iconic Animal.

THE VOIID :-: 08092022Telling THE WHOLE TRUTH is NOT fraud. Human knowledge is limited. What he/she knows is good enough. Some call it COSMOS, others UNIVERSE, I [Terencelyn/Truther] call it VOIID. Why did I call/name it VOIID?. Explanation:- In the beginning of this VAST creation, there is NO time, matter, gas or space. The scientists believe the COSMOS begins with the Big Bang where out of NOTHING, space, time, matter & gas happen. In faith most call it the HEAVEN of the UNIVERSE created by the highly intelligent Creator. I combine these 2 concepts of COSMOS & UNIVERSE into one as the VOIID because BOTH Scientific & Christianity are Paradoxically Correct. Why? Because I believe there is SOMETHING before NOTHING. In other words SOMETHING makes this Big Bang Explosion thus Time, Space, Matter & Gas was FORMED thus from VOIID, Universe or Cosmos is born just like from EMBRYO or FETUS a baby human specie was BORN. Enormity of the Cosmos. The Distance from Planet Earth. The nearest Galaxy is 100,000 light years. Nearest Star is 4.25 light years. 1 light year is 5.8 Trillion miles. This is just 1 spec from countless. 1 grain of sand on the massive, countless beaches ( with an ' s ' ). WE ARE (humankind) a RARE SPECIE that exists on this so called VAST Cosmos / Universe / Voiid. Amenn to True Creator of EVERYTHING [ including VOIID ]. We ordinary humans go by the miles, scientists go by the light years so imagine how the Creator who created this Creation measures by what?. The level of Audacity  Intelligence is Awesome & Amazing !!!.

Truth is Eternal:-:Universal Uniqueness. Truth is *before* Time was created. EverNever Let Go the Truth, No Matter What !!!. Be Resilience Perseverance & Conspicuous. Which comes first?. Creator or Creation? THINK hard, deep & wide. Amenn. Dated July 22nd, 2022 [07222022]. Truth never give up or change let alone compromise nor relevant with time itself. Whatever THEY have Created, YOU'll be the Creator, NOT created. Rather be the CREATOR than Creation.....SRSminder/T r u t h e r

No matter how much they're harassing me, holy spirit is near me 24/7.T r u t h e r 

Supreme Court to hear


Defending Constitutional Sovereignty & Defender of Faith. King Charles III 8 Proclamations Proclaimed to Assession Council. Continuation of Constitutional Government Christian Country United Kingdom HEAD of Commonwealth.


Terence Tribute:-:Late Queen Elizabeth II brings BRIGHTNESS even in her death PROVING a woman can achieve so much in par with man if not over. I'd learn many things by her dedication to Jesus Christ & ROYAL duty. Amen.

Pommy Girl. It is just the way that makes it difficult.

Myeik Myanmar

Carry On

Giving people of UK the opportunity to pay their respect all over the Christian Nation. By Air & Land routes, day or night, rain or shine. Brilliantly performed. God Bless. Amen.

Did you folks learn "something" on the Queen's death ?. I learn many.T r u x x e r /_\

Pommy girl didn't get it. It just the way "sounds like" confused the girl. That's all.


Sharing My Memories. One of me & my mom favorite forever song...Old Rugged Cross. My mom plays piano and sing lead Church Choir @ Kanbe Baptist Church (where she founded) in Rangoon (Yangon), Burma (Myanmar).

WE will Defend
Christianity Worldwide. Christian

MY Personal Profile

January 2019

Married in 1930s. Burma got Independence from the British in 1948. My Mother (fair & light skin) & Father (dark skin) during Colonial British Burma Era. Both Burmese. My Mom works as a kindergarten teacher @ Methodist English High School MEHS(after my dad passed away) where the Principle is Mrs. Logie a British Lady (Caucasian/White) from UK. The British Principle lady feel sorry for my mom and she give FREE tuition on me (all 4 of us siblings attend MEHS rated # 1 High School in Burma at that time) all through MEHS and she is the one who give me this name TERENCE. My Dad was a JUDGE during the British Burma Era where he has to go around the country British Burma districts that's why our immediate family 4 siblings each were born in different Cities. The photo was taken when none of us siblings were born yet. My Dad like hunting and used to go outskirts of Rangoon (Yangon) City and the car is his. My mom (Christian) was very pretty and popular in the University where she attended. No wonder my Dad loves her so much he convert from staunch Buddhist to devoted Christian and dies as a Christian. My mom saves his soul and rest in peace in Jesus Christ. Amen.

After my dad passed away, my mom was left behind with 4 siblings. 2 Boys & 2 Girls. My bother Richard is the eldest, I'm the youngest with the checkered tie. Even my tie clip is a cross. My mom takes care all 4 of us siblings as single mother and never remarry although she is still young when my dad passed away (because her devoted & dedicated love for us) and she struggle alone with the help of almighty Eternal God till her death in USA.


R a r e r

 Wisdom doesn't come from Universities. Wisdom comes from Eternal God. Wisdom & Education/Knowledge are 2 different things... R a r e r 

Example. Let's say you study Zoology or Botany as major subject in the University. You become expert on that but NOT expert on Economics. See the difference?. It's narrow path & field. That's why grads end up in different kind of jobs. 

Christianity did not Differentiate between Denominations of Christian faith. It's Many (diversity) into One CONCEPT.R a r e r

IF anybody has 100 of those $2 Bills, that person will be rich INSTANTLY. Especially a guy who start with $10 Capital fund can you imagine with $500,000 ?.

Today is Special. September 23rd, 2022. My Birthday Birth Stone is Sapphire. ..  Libra.

What amazing is yesterday September 22nd, 2022 I went to bed early @ 7pm. I strangely woke up around midnight and when I look at the clock it was 12:01am September 23rd, 2022. How did I exactly wake up on my BIRTHDAY without any alarm? Why did Angels wake me up the precise time 12:01am not 1 minute deviate?. Instantly I get up and kneel beside my bed and talk (pray) to Eternal God and thankful for letting me live all these years through thick or thin. Amen. Thank you Jesus Christ for sending Guarding Angels to protect, guide and help me all throughout my life on Earth. Amen After Amen.

Sapphire Top Crown.

The Brilliant British did it AGAIN. Historic Record. More than 4.1 Billion earthlings Worldwide Watch Late Queen Elizabeth II Funeral. No human can match her Majestic Greatness. A full 7 decades reign. Dealing with 14 US Presidents & many other head of States/Nations.


It’s my WHITE car Jaguar Sports (2 door) V8 engine British made. I trade it with American BLACK car Cadillac XTS luxury which I still drive today. $10 Capital Fund gives me lots of ASSETS. This is NOT a fantasy story. This is real and can verify. US President has the Black “Beast” Cadillac and I got the Black “Beauty” Cadillac. I name it BEAUTY because whenever I drove, the public (even at stop signs) gives good compliments (5 times already & I don’t drive much) to me how my car is so Beautiful. Jesus Christ blessed me through good & bad times. Amen. Can see my off-road 4x4 Yellow FJ Cruiser at background driveway.

To me PLATFORM means where you step on it like a stepping stone. My INSIGHT maybe unprofessional BUT I did it myself slowly but surely
R a r e r 09232022 


MGM Resorts International SUED

TL Birthday

To me PLATFORM means where you step on it like a stepping stone. My INSIGHT maybe unprofessional BUT I did it myself slowly but surely
R a r e r 09232022 

05 23 2024


Bayside Buffet

Bayside Buffet Grand fire 

05 24 2024

Creativity Concept

Where Ideas Implemented. 05 24 2024.AWE   Enterprise

3:33am Mandatory USA Law. Defending OUR land & territories. # No human involvement in any foreign war. None# No using US troops. Troops are to be used ONLY in physical invasion by enemy troops into our land & territories. # None human applied. IF unavoidable, use high tech machines like drones. [ Machines over Man/Woman ].Of course there will be a STANDING MILITARY. Yes 'standing', NOT 'fighting' in any foreign land. FREEDOM is already *Given by God since Birth* Just be vigilant or beware of POLITICAL Agendas,  Pundits & Junkies because LIFE is too precious to mess around with. Amen.+++ SSSAWE   Enterprise

Did you know there are ways to obsolete Nuclear Arsenal?. Without using them?.

AWE Enterprise


VENUS is my zodiac planet. VENUS is also known as Goddess of LOVE. In fact and in truth VENUS (2nd) & EARTH (3rd) are the only TWINS Planets in our Solar System in size and closest to each other with same features characteristics but opposite effects where one is lifeless and the other is life supportive. We always see VENUS [ In Burmese we called it Friday Star / Thout Kyar Kyair ] as the brightest object on the Horizon in a clear dawn sky. I am fascinated with my Zodiac Star/Planet VENUS. The problem is it is hostile and toxic for life to exist let alone humans to live. Although it is the 2nd Planet from the Sun, it is HOTTER than the 1st Planet Mercury which is closest to Sun.Although VENUS is the closest Planet to Earth we rather venture to the farther Planet Mars (4th) because of VENUS unbearable heat & toxic atmosphere. If we can only find a way to sustain LIFE on VENUS, no doubt humans will rather live in VENUS than in MARS. Sunday 

03 31 2024SATAN put the Anti-Christ in power to do his dirty dingy dogmatic deals. Nothing surprising for in the Holy Bible it is foretold Anti-Christ will be REALISTIC so Beware Today is RISEN Day. FORGIVENESS begins here at the Entrance Door [ Of Perception ] of My Dwelling together with the Angel Wonderful Entity [AWE] Praying. Picture taken on Easter Sunday Resurrection Day ignoring AND chasing out the Diabolic Demented Devils (with sheep skin) Away ... top to bottom protect & insure by Jesus Christ. 03 31 2024. Amen. States 45th President's Easter Message to the world including USA. Resurrection Day 2024. CHIN (hilly people) Christian Brothers & Sisters from Union of Myanmar. I love the cultures of Union brothers and  sisters 

6:30am Sunrise Service @ Palm Mortuary, My Mom & Sister FINAL resting place. Diversity did not stop us from UNITED.1st time in 39 yrs Indoor Service. No compromised. Jesus stop the rain. No rain good weather on RISEN Day. 03 31 2024. Amen. any Way, Shape or Form, Right or Left or Center, YAHWEH created country USA will STAND with The Truth. No Compromise Nor Change. Chosen Nation Chosen People will be Governed by Chosen Government. Make no Deception about it. THIS year 2024 will be the CHOSEN year by YAHWEH. Amen.Resurrectionday or Risenday or Redemptionday. Solemnly Sacredly Sanctified. It is what it is.  YESHUA  &  YOU :R I S E N   day photo. Which one better?. Get up 4am ... prepares to attend Sunrise Service 6:30am as Traditional Terencelyn did EVERY year.

Fort Knox 

MOB founded Sin City 

I forgot I wrote this in Burmese language. Thanks for reminding my writings & posts.... 7 years later. You know Facebook can create a book by picking the good ones of my abundance posts. I don't mind Facebook. Free For All ... my gift.ဖန် ဆင်း ရှင် ထာ ဝ ရ ဘု ရား သ္ခင် ပ ထ ဦး ဆုံး မိန်း မ ကို ဖန် ဆင်း တော် မူ တုံး က မိန်း မ ဟာ ယော က်ျား မ ရှိ ရင် မ တင့် တယ် မ ရောင့် ရဲ ပါ ဘူး။ မိန်း မ အ တွက် တင်း တိန် ရောင့် ရဲ လုံ ခြုံ  မှု အ ပြည့် အ ဝ ပေး နိင် တာ ယော က်ျား ပါ။ ကျွန် တော် တို့ ယုံ ကြည် တဲ့ အ သက် ရှင် တော် မူ သော ဘု ရား ရဲ့ ရီ ရွယ် ချက် က ယောက်ျား နဲ့ မိန်း မ ၂ ကိုယ့် တ စိတ် ထဲ ဖြစ် ပြီး တ ယောက် ကို တ ယောက် နက် နက် နဲ နဲ ချစ် ချစ် ခင် ခင် လေး လေး စား စား ရှိ ဘို့ ပါ ဘဲ။ မိန်း မ အ တွက် ကိုယ် ချစ် တဲ့ ယော က်ျား ကို မ ပြု စု မ ယု ရ ရင် စိတ် မ ကောင်း ရုံ တင် မ က ဝမ်း နဲ ကြေ ကွဲ မှာ အ မှန် ပါ ဘဲ။  နု တဲ့ မိန်း မ သား နှ လုံး သား လေး ဟာ ကိုယ် မြတ် နိုး ချစ် ရ တဲ့ အ သဲ န လုံး ပိုင် ရှင် ချစ် ယော က်ျား အ နား မှာ မ ရှိ တဲ့ အ တွက် အား ငယ် မိ မှာ အ မှန် ပါ။ ချစ် ခြင်း မေ တ္တာ ဟာ လဲ အ သွား အ ပြန်၊ အ ပေး အ ယူ ရှိ မှ ပျော် ရွှင် မှု အ ပြည့် အ ဝ ပေး နိုင် မယ် လေ။Above is my writing in Burmese mode keyboard I remember now. I may be slow in writing in Burmese but can write beautifully. Told you I had the potential to be powerful in "digital savviness" given by Eternal God. Amen.  

Same BirthdayScientific Proof. Jesus & Me has same REAL Birthdate [ Month & Day ].Star of Bethlehem. Did you know the REAL date of Jesus birth is NOT December 25th which the world 99.99% people accept and acknowledge it including myself. Remember the 3 Magi (Astrologers or simply wise men from the EAST) did forecast that the precise exact date of Jesus actual birth is the 2 Planets, Saturn & Jupiter double up in conjunction in the night sky widely known as the Star of Bethlehem is on TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 23rd (coincidence with my birthday) and NOT December 25th. Start watching from 15:35 in the video and Professor David reveal at 17:35 the exact date of Jesus Birth "Tuesday September 23rd". The Triple Conjunction (which is so rare) appeared on that time. 

Yangon University student (me) life in Yangon, Burma (1970s). 0.0005 dollar (1 Kyat) a day for Food & Bus fare (back & forth 2 way, 1 way fare is 25pyas). 1Kyat = 100pyas. Burmese money.Burmese student life in New York City showing how he spent $10 a day on attending class and food (breakfast, lunch & dinner) with $10 a day just for food only.Well I break his record because in Yangon while attending University my mom gives me 1 Kyat per day for transport (bus 2 way fees 50 pyas or 1/2 of 1 Kyat = 100 pyas) and for food at University Canteen 50 pyas or 1/2 of 1Kyat. That was in 1970s. Now USD $1 = 2,000 Kyats so you do the math? $1 ÷ 2,000 = 0.0005 dollar a day record spending attending classes plus bus fare & food. Should be the record of Genius indeed. Now Myanmar don't use pyas anymore. Only Kyat. Myanmar Inflation is sky rocketed. That's how I manage to spent a day on food & bus fee from our house to University 2 ways and attend Rangoon Arts & Science University now renamed University of Yangon, Myanmar. 

Adoniram Judson American Baptist Missionary Genius Reverend Adoniram Judson & Family Account.Brilliant Burmese translator from English to Burmese Bible Creator guided by Eternal God. The Sacrifice he & his family given to Burma was second to none in this world. Because of him & his family Millions in Burma now Myanmar have become Evangelical Baptists today. Thank you so much with infinite gratitude. Amen.PMS..... May the INVISIBLE Force be with Myanmar. American Genius Adoniram Judson. Reverend Adoniram Judson Translate the first Burmese Bible AND create English to Burmese Dictionary AND Burmese to English Dictionary help Burma develop into International World. May 28th, 2023 (Sunday). Truth is Eternal. First Translation from English to Myanmar BIBLE and founder of Baptist Christianity in Burma GENIUS American Reverend Adoniram Judson birth place/house in Boston, USA. Rev. A.J. is the first Pioneer in American Missionary overseas went to India first but God divert him to Burma thus 100% Animalism, Evil Spirits (Nats) and Statues/Buddhism worshiping people transform into Eternal LIVING Holy Spirit worshipping Christians in Burma now called Myanmar. In his days n time Burmese Kings who were converted into Buddhism by Indian Monks from India who landed in current Mon State /Mon Kingdom first was Conquer by Burmese Kings thus all MON cultures are taken away and spread to Central Myanmar where Burmese Kingdoms ( Ta-Gaung, Ava, Bagan & Mandalay etc.) Kingdoms worship 

Buddhism to this day although there is no Kingdoms left in Burma for the LAST Burmese King & his Royal family was taken to India by Victorious British (British Burmese wars) and the King died and buried in India. Buddhism originated from India and Burmese King was buried in India. The UGLY shackles of past Burma still carried on today as under Master Chinese control, kills it's own people and ramsake the country at will hijacking the country and RAPE, KILL & BOMB the poor innocent PEOPLE as they wish periodically. Although 4 times of Coups in Myanmar but multiple deaths in Myanmar than in Thailand many more Coups but less deaths makes Myanmar a FAILED state. The Indians are smart by converting the King (head/ruler) thus the whole Kingdom/people fell under Buddhism for in those days King's command is ABSOLUTE & FINAL. If you look at the map giant India is the next door neighbor of Burma and all the Coastline, Rakhine, Ayeyarwady Delta, Mon state are mostly Buddhists sanctuary regions influence by Buddhism originated from India where Buddha himself was an Indian Prince.All I wish in Myanmar is a Monument of Rev. A.J. and a Church for the people to gather together in the name of Father God, Son Jesus & Holy Spirit. Amen. That's my wish.Note: This is NOT a Translation but My Insight concerning my "Eternal Hero" American Reverend Adoniram Judson dedication to Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. Because of him his family Sacrifice I am one of millions who become Christians in 90% Staunch Buddhist Country Burma.P.S. Everybody has the right to worship who or whatever he/she wishes BUT stick to the TRUTH no matter what, is "quintessential". Thank you Lord our God Jesus Christ/Yeshua. I live for him, he died for us. Amen After Amen.PMS.