Presence Promised


11232023 Lynpray

God Bless Our US Troops for Freedom Faith & Family. Amen. 11232023


 "Happy Thanksgiving"
May True God's blessings be shine upon both boldly or in disguise discreetly.
L y n l i g h t 

India Myanmar Border


Mind your own business and don't interfere Mindset is NOT correct nor civilize when there is EVIL going on.
Example ... ASEAN.
L y n t h o u g h t 

Prosperity @ the expense of others is NOT acceptable.
Example ... PRC

L y n t h o u g h t

ONLY a Fool will trust a Fool

Jealousy & PrideToxic Combination of Cool Evil 


This is how I will rule New MyanMar

Ten Fundamental ( Mandatory ) Laws

1) Change the Constitution

2) Separate Civilian & Military. Other words civilians cannot be charged with military laws

3) Christian Generals in TOP brass Military 

4) 2 official languages namely Burmese (1st) & English (2nd). BAN Chinese language. 

5) Ratio of 50/50 between Burmese & Ethnic races in Civilian UNION Government. 

6] 1 Union Congress (People's Representatives/elect) 1 Federal Government (3 political parties elect) 1 Superior High Court (Justice System). 3 separate EQUAL powers.

7) 1 Centralized Federal Bank with 15 Branches 

8) Fair & Free Faith practices without politics.

9) Agriculture, Technology & Morality Base Nation.

10) True God will be Our Foundation for ETERNITY. 

11/16/2023.      Lynways

My Mother's Founded Church Kanbe Baptist Church where I was BAPTIZED (by Reverend Judson) at the age of 12 years old. Pictures I took & cherish during the visit 2016. Mom was one of the founders (also play piano & lead Church Choir) of this Church located in Kyaukkone, Yankin Township, Yangon City, Myanmar. Yahweh, Yeshua & Holy Spirit may Bless upon this Church & the Nation MYANMAR. Amenn. P.S. I recall those steps of Front gate WE (me, zaw lin than, tun aung & Winston/Guitar player) sit together at late evening and sing together song from 4 Way Street Album [ Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young ]. It's coincidence 4 of us likes the 4 American icons & the Album 4 Way Street. I said one day we will go our own way and that is true today. I know Tun Aung passed away now but I don't know about zaw lin than & winston?. Hope they both are well. Amenn.

UPDATE Burmese American CHRISTIAN [ Baptist ] Geniius (Facebook) / lynterence (Instagram) Truxxer (Twitter) / VV (EntityInk/Websights). Photo taken July 25th, 2022 early morning @ home nickname Ryo Reserve..... Amenn. You got Questions, I got Answers You got Problems,  I got Solutions. No joke !!!Amenn After Amenn. 07252022. Sorry, because of AGING (not in my control) some hairs turned white naturally. At least God still allow me to have hairs today for in America some men go bald (lose hair) even in their early 30s. Amenn.

HouseBoat Recovery

My Words of Wisdom

My Birth Planet VENUS

Place where I worked before

MANDALAY is actually a Burmese word/name, city where the last Burmese Kings reside at Mandalay City, Myanmar (Burma). I worked there when I was transfer from Luxor Resort then OWN by Circus Circus Enterprise Company (I work for this great & good Company since 1984 t0 2006 straight. On 2006 MGM Resorts purchase and took over and I was STUCK there till 2020 March when pandemic occurred) change name to "Mandalay Resorts". When I was working there at Bayside Buffet MANY customers don't understand the word MANDALAY so I had to explain to them (other employees didn't know or understand the word meanings. ONLY ME because I came from there and ONLY Burmese in that hotel at that time) just like LUXOR is the city name from Egypt, MANDALAY is the Capital City of Burma/Myanmar where Myanmar Kings & Queens last reside.




Nikki Haley (Future Prospect President)

Russian Oil in trouble

President Biden $12 Billion Aid to Ukraine

FITCH ratings

Georgia revolt


Black Manta

Tom & Jerry



Ring with 9 precious gemstones from Burma/Myanmar.

My Picture Taken on Easter Sunday 04/09/2023


C r u x c r o s s

Super Aircraft Carriers

Unlimited States [ US ] response to Chinks & Russo Hypersonic Missiles is created  ...Laser Helios...........Cruxcode [ Supreme Force ].China & Russia as we know it, will NOT exist in 2026 and beyond.

10 New Aircraft Carriers. 3 Unlimited States, 2 Chinese, 2 Indian, 1 South Korea, 1 Russian, 1 France.

From #12 to #22 are Unlimited States [US] Aircraft Carriers. All (11 total) currently in service to ATTACK. 3 New ones coming up soon totaling 14 US Aircraft Carriers. All 14 Nuclear Power. No need re-fueling.

Freedom Forces "take out" 12 Chinese fishing boats.

US Military step up in Strategic Norway a NATO member and Ally.

Critical Crux :-:Ukraine will become *Ally* (like Japan) of NATO follow by *membership* of NATO (all members agree) soon. Ukraine had applied officially since September,  2022. It's just a matter of time. Well done NATO. Well cohesively done. Amen.   ..Cruxcode [ Supreme Force ]. 04232023.

White Cross. On top of the mountain in Alabama State. USA. Every State should have at least 1 Standing Tall Cross on high ground in USA. White Cross with Blue Sky background will be Majestic.