United Myanmar National Flag.

I'm NOT a Monk nor a Preacher or Teacher. 
I'm just plain & pure "Baptist Burmese Guy" next door.
Redemption Resurrection & RISEN (Truth). Never Ever Fade Away. So is Easter (Traditional). So is Father God, Son Jesus & Word Spirit (Trinity). Eternal thing. Amenn.
Christianity. Judaism.  Muslim.  Buddhism.  Confucius.   ALL.  Center on Jesus Christ.  Why? Because there is Only ONE God who can do Miracles for there is no other than Jesus who did performed Miracles. The ONLY reason he can go through this excruciating immense pain & tedious suffering, he is NOT fully a human in "missing" his mother Mary's chromosome and only has God's DNA in him. Amenn. In other WORDS,  God's Chosen "Human Mother" Mary incubated God's created chromosomes (Spiritual Angels' advance notice to human Mary that she will incubate or conceive baby Jesus SEND from God). Remember when Jesus was alive on Earth he mentioned many times of HIS Father in Heaven. Why?. Because he KNOWS his true father is NOT human & he has no "human father" chromosome in him. Only God's created Chromosomes in Jesus for his true father IS GOD who created & send him to Earth. Jesus is different in MANY ways with humans like us. We Earthlings have human father & mother chromosomes [2]. Jesus only have God's created chromosomes [1]. This clearly indicates Jesus IS GOD.
Note. Google acknowledge 37 miracles but hey! How many years Google is around in our society?. 24 years. So do you think Google knows ALL Miracles done by Jesus Christ that lived many Centuries ago?. THINK !. God is God. Google is Google. Two different Entities. Don't be Confused. In other WORDS ... God knows EVERYTHING wherelse Google doesn't knows EVERYTHING. Truth is Truth & Truth never ever Lie. Amenn.

White Cross Platform.

Above picture is called "Pyinsa Yupa" (Burmese) meaning 5 beautiful animal combined as ONE mythical creature. The head of a LION, antlers, body, legs of a DEER, tusks & trunk of an ELEPHANT, wings of a BIRD and finally tail of a FISH. It also represents UNITY in a DIVERSE society.

Lost tribes of the Bible

RC Drones FOOLED enemy radar.

I believe in Kingdom of Armenia. Pause at 3:54 on the video for map.

Kingdom of Armenia, Land of Noah

Thailand Documentary

Yangon City Today. Previous Capital City of Myanmar.




Buddha Buddhism

Burma Road.

Yangon City

Yangon, Myanmar.



Aerial view


Federal Democratic Myanmar



I will enter frequent flyer member to prominent American Airline flying from Vegas to Yangon business/food tour.
Sloth System [<I>] 11132022

My dad is Burmese, mom is Burmese, brother & sisters are Burmese so what will you called me? Chinese?.
Stupid Idiot Crap !

L Y N stands for ...
LIGHT, YESHUA & NONPARTISAN all my life both in Myanmar & America.

Dated November 13th 2022.


Jesus Christ is the Center of ALL faiths & religions. Amenn.
Dated March 27th, 2023.

8 Major Races in Myanmar. 4 (Bamar Shan Arakan Mon) mostly Buddhist & 4 [Kachin Chin Kayah Kayin] mostly Christian.

Redemption Resurrection & RISEN.
Judaism.  Muslim.  Buddhism.  Confucius.   ALL.  Center on Jesus Christ.  Why? Because there is Only ONE God. Amenn.

He got the whole boat from Bagan to Mandalay by himself for $42 ?. Only in Myanmar. No where else you can Charter the boat with $42 one way. Myanmar 's private river Ayeyarwady which the Chinese wants to destroy it.

Pigeon Blood Ruby homeland Mogok

I encourage reconstruction reconciliation & rebuilding Myanmar. Proceeding Permanent Peace Prosperity Planning Platform Phoenixix.

I encourage the rebuilding, reconstruction, reconciliation of Myanmar.

P h o e n i x i x Peace Plan

Military Regime announced on January 31st, 2023 to all political parties to register within 60 days for the coming election. If fail to register Parties will be disqualified for participation in coming National Election. NLD Party leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's perspective on this is unknown for she is silent on this matter. The 60 days deadline date is approaching very close (March 31st).
Dated O3/26/2023.
Myanmar, People's Party Chairman U Ko Ko Gyi (one of the leaders of 8888 Revolution) interview. He said his political Party will file registration on or before March 28, 2023 to participate in the coming National Election. That's good in my opinion.
Dated 03/26/2023.

All Faiths Are Pointing To ... Jesus.

w h i t e c r o s s

In the name of "Holy Spirit" I proceed with OPEN mind. 
"Stealthily" Buddhists Muslims & Jews are all followers of Jesus, knowingly or unknowingly. Symbol of Superiority ( White cross ).
We have Muslim Scholar Pinpointing Jesus Crucifixion and Risen from dead according to Qur'an and now the Buddhist Scrolls manuscripts in PALI in Tibet following Jesus as Issa Arabic word from Hebrew/Jewish Yeshua and English word for Jesus. 
Christ Centered Christianity. John the Baptist waited for Jesus to Baptized Jesus as the symbol of Re-birth. The unknown years of Jesus 13 - 29 years. Did Jesus unknown years is the travel to India Tibet & Persia? The teachings of Jesus had been written and found in the ancient manuscripts of India & Tibet. Buddhists worship ISSA teachings. What astonishing is it was written in PALI language where Buddhism was founded and recorded. Is Jesus (English name) is Issa (Arabic name) descendant from Hebrew/Jewish name Yeshua. Watch the Controversial Video start to end.
Phoenixix   03252023

Remember the "White Cross"?..... 
Symbol of Superiority.......... Phoenixix
According to Qur'an, 1,400 years of Muslims misconception on Jesus Christ.
Muslim scholar pointed out how Muslims believe the wrongful Imagination that Jesus wasn't crucified and not risen. Scholar said the opposite happened according to the Qur'an [Muslim Holy Book] that Jesus was crucified and was risen.

Burmese student (me) life in Yangon, Burma (1970s). 
0.0005 dollar (1 Kyat) a day for Food & Bus fare (back & forth 2 way, 1 way fare is 25pyas). 1Kyat = 100pyas. Burmese money.
Burmese student life in New York City showing how he spent $10 a day on attending class and food (breakfast, lunch & dinner) with $10 a day just for food only.
Well I break his record because in Yangon while attending University my mom gives me 1 Kyat per day for transport (bus 2 way fees 50 pyas or 1/2 of 1 Kyat = 100 pyas) and for food at University Canteen 50 pyas or 1/2 of 1Kyat. That was in 1970s. Now USD $1 = 2,000 Kyats so you do the math? $1 ÷ 2,000 = 0.0005 dollar a day record spending attending classes plus bus fare & food. Should be the record of Genius indeed. Now Myanmar don't use pyas anymore. Only Kyat. Myanmar Inflation is sky rocketed. 
That's how I manage to spent a day on food & bus fee from our house to University 2 ways and attend Rangoon Arts & Science University now renamed University of Yangon, Myanmar.


Going to the Open Air Cemetery to Celebrate the Defeat of Death [ Resurrection ]. Amenn.
I get up 5am in the morning and attend Easter Sunrise Service [ ESS ]. Since 1995 I never miss this Special Service to date 2023 making 28 years straight. No matter what... my dedication to my Spiritual [ not statue ] God Resurrection is my # 1 Special Day of the Year. When I get back home these 2 pictures ( 1 is program leaflet & another is the pic of me) were taken n posted. The  latest picture of me taken today April 9th, 2023.... Easter / Resurrection Day. I respect the Tradition Truth & Trinity. Amenn.
White Cross Platform.

Suck my tongue Buddhist Monk.
This is highly respected well known all over the world Tibetan Buddhist Clergyman / Monk doing this. Think. Not to mention he is OLD. For he is ONLY human. Amenn.

War with China

New Candidate enrollment for 2024 election. Kennedy Jr. (Democrat).69 years old. Welcome !.

France wants to be leader?... Of what may I ask?. EU, Free World, Western World etc???. Clarification & Specify please!. Be Precise. So that WE can decide correctly. By the way, is Rubio Running for 2024 Presidency?.

Tatmadaw has no rights under any circumstances to kill unarmed civilians of her own people. This is not Law. This is "Universal Principle of Humanity". Amenn. 

Sri Lanka Bankrupt

Burmese New Year

Country with No Country to Enjoy New Year.
Attacks on Military sponsors water festival stations. Civilians are warned NOT to go to Military sponsors stations. Myanmars are going to next door THAILAND for fun n Security. Sad situations. Happy New Year? In Question???.

Crucially important leaders are missing in Myanmar election the International perspective

Faith & Facts !!!
Buddha teaches not to kill a little fly let alone a human but Buddhists kill humans, even monks and they called themselves "Buddhists" followers of Buddha. What a LIE.
In BAPTISM we worship the Spiritual God. NOT the Physical Objects.
I STRONGLY believes God created all things including humans by the WORD from mouth thus it is said & done [ Miracle ]. Amenn. It is what it is and God never created the middle man or third person between him & his subject thus can communicate DIRECTLY one on one basis for he love and treasure his creation. Amenn.

South Eastern Regional Command General Myat Thet Oo and his family was detained by MAH ( Min Aung Hlaing ) Commander in Chief troops.

Chinese INTERFERENCE in a Sovereign & Independent Country Myanmar is unacceptable.

3rd Holy Church

Peter Noster Mt. of Olives Church. My 3rd most Holy Church. 1st is Holy Sepulchre. 2nd is Church of Nativity.

04 24 2024

JUNTA Midget MAH Forces Facing Six Fronts namely ...
1] Northern ( Kachin Troops ).
2] Western ( Arakan Troops )
3] North - West ( Chin Troops )
4] North - East ( 3 Brotherhood Alliance )
5] Central Plains ( PDF, Burmese Revolutionary)
6] Southern ( KNU, KNLA, PDF Kawthoolie )
Faith Junkie in Christ. Amen. 04 24 2024

KAREN National Union [ KNU ] well experienced well trained & well seasoned Troops (since WW 2) Leader EXPLAINED "temporary withdrawal" on Myawaddy Border Battle, VOWS on the Graves / Cemetery  of Christian brothers & sisters FALLEN for FEDERALISM  FAITH & FREEDOM determined to destroy Midget MAH forces by the name of Operation "Aung Ze Ya" the Burmese King that invaded Thailand and ANNEX then Thai Capital Ayutthaya in the past history which Thais hated Burmese leader name (A Z Y).
Note: KARENS are well known educated race even regards as "lost tribe" of Israel where majority are Evangelical Christians. Some have colorful eyes with white skin.
Faith Junkie in Christ. 04 24 2024

5:00am Insight
Baptism will CHANGE Myanmar for Good. Amen.

Myanmarican 04 24 2024

Major Powerful Resistance Forces are Chin, Kachin, Karen/Karenni ( All Christian majority )  Troops that posed the threat towards Heavily Corrupt Buddhist Burmese Junta ( Midget Forces ). These 3 ( Trinity ) major race CHIN       KACHIN  KAREN/Karenni is well experienced well trained and seasoned modern educated Military Force. The BACKBONE of Revolution.

Buddhist Burmese 1st & 2nd in Command Chiefs of Military. Min Aung Hlaing & Soe Win.

Federal Union of Myanmar [ FUM ] Proposal. 
5 Small stars represent Bamar/Burmese, Chin, Kachin, Karen/Karenni, Shan (90% population) "leadership" surrounding the BIG star in the center representing as The Federal Union. 12 States "Only" replacing 14 States & Regions currently have. YANGON + BAGO combine as one & KAREN + KARENNI combine as one. The rest stays the same.
1] Yangon State. 2] Mon State,  3] Tanintharyi State,  4] Karen + Karenni State. 5] Shan State. 6] Kachin State,  7] Sagaing State 8] Chin State, 9] Rakhine State 10] Ayeyarwady State, 11] Magway State,  12] Mandalay State.
Nexus Note:  Since Yangon & Bago combine as one has the choice of changing name to Hanthawaddy State if prefer. 
Myanmarican [ Myanmar Christian/Baptist ].

Preparation for Federal Democracy Government will be more suitable by 5 major forces led by Bamar, Chin, Kachin, Karen & Shan Revolutionary Forces.