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My first site will be Pahrump, NV

My second site will be St.George, UT

My third site will be Prescott, AZ

I personally rename this Sand Hollow Park to Creative Park

Strategic Stimulus Studies

Greece the 1st country on planet Earth is facing war with Turkey. Aegean Sea

 is Greece Territory.

American Territories

My Birthday Wish

Guam (part of Mariana Islands) & Northern Mariana Islands will become the 51st State of United States of America.

Building Military base in PALAU island.

India-Myanmar Nexus for Common Enemy Devil.

President Trump

Beginning of China imploding

US almost annexed all of Mexico.

North America a Unified Country.

Relaxibility Entity

Invented by me (Innovative Investor).

Nipple Effect

My Book

To preserve

02282022 Peace Talks/Discussion

Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful. There is NOTHING like TRYING and as I had personally declares President Z is smart, super brave AND intelligent great leader of Ukraine, a discussion WITHOUT pre-conditioning TALKS offer by Kremlin HIGH delegations is most welcome (already a win-win for both sides) by ME & PEACE LOVING HUMANS around the world. February 28th, 2022 Monday (1 full week after the invasion) will mark as BOTH sides had done their humanity duty of SEEKING common ground although however DIM the light of PEACE or the faint ray of HOPE is in sight. Even IF it fails like President Z said Ukraine tries all its best to try to find peaceful solution instead of dreadful solution of BLOODSHED on BOTH sides. DIRECT DISCUSSION between 2 Warring INDEPENDENT Nations Ukraine & Russia is whole heartedly welcome by the World at large. May Jesus Christ be in the meeting room where Holy Spirit creates MIRACLES sparing the lives of both Ukrainians & Russians. Amen in the Lord's name.

USA Military Ultimatum

Russian Ruble Plummets