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I'm NOT surprise at sheer EVIL of brutality done by them for they are followers & worshipers of FALSE Prophet Devil / Satan. Expect nothing GOOD will come out of them nor will there be any TRUST in them. Judgement Day will be placed upon them forever.


06 15 2024


I'm one of the 144,000 earthlings. Also known as God's people.





I warn Brandon NOT to open the Pandora Box. He didn't listen.
Dragon has 2 Options. 1] Back Off OR 2] Be Destroyed. 

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Definition of *Trynyty*GOD  MeMyself  MyHeart/Soul  



3:33am 06 15 2024Trynyty
Truther USA 



I'm never "impressed" with Burmese Military Relatives who are filthy rich and attained decorated doctorate degrees from foreign significant institutions for they make "Blood Money" on account of tears, fears, sweat & blood of poor innocent people of Myanmar. People's blood stained on them permanently in their cushy life style by stolen/robbed way or even killing in getting rich. Greed, Brutality & Animal like instinct is their way of making money. No matter how big or rich it ain't impressive.


Colorado River




My Anthem: For the love of God by World's #1 Guitarist Steve Vai


This extraordinary Pupfish, Pondfish, Precuriousfish Pahrumpfish Poolfish or whatever you prefer to call it is the ONLY unique fish in the entire Planet and can be found in one place and one place only >>> Devils Hole. It's the size of your thumbnail. Nowhere else in the world one can find for it survives ONLY in this spot close to Death Valley National Park but NOT part of the Park. It is located near the town of Pahrump close to Nevada-California border line in the "Natural Sink Hole known as the Devils Hole that connects to the underground water system". Precautious Preventive Measures are installed to Protect this ENDANGERED SPECIE for survival in the vast dry extremely HOT desert climate. Lakes maybe dried out evaporated but this sink hole which is 500 feet deep survives.



3 mouths of Volcano lush with fresh water, forests and villages in Myanmar


SODOM effect


Lynpray Logo

Make Myanmar Better

Rare Unique & Difficult Myanmar Language Let the world know Myanmar BETTER!!! Some westerners can speak and write Burmese language BETTER than native Burmese like Reverend Adoniram Judson [American Genius, my eternal HERO] for example. Very rare westerners can speak Burmese fluently. I found one British (I think) woman graduate speaking Burmese fluently video this morning but lost it by clicking wrongly. I think I saw bbc trade mark on the video. Internet is full of how to speak ENGLISH but rare how to speak BURMESE. I will not give up searching for that particular western lady speaking Flawless Burmese in graduate Costume video (Best I ever seen Caucasian/White speaking Myanmar fluently). She said in the video she has very much interest in Myanmar language which very few understand except ofcourse Burmese people.






My Eternal HERO American Genius Founder of Burmese Baptism Reverend Adoniram Judson and his wife spend most of their lives in Burma/Myanmar converted the 1st Buddhist Burman into a Christian now 6 million and counting in Myanmar. God Bless Myanmar. Amen. 









Variety of Traditional Burmese Curries. Mouth watering. I miss these Burmese foods so much. Don't mind travelling half the globe for this. Address:Khine Soe Soe Restaurant, 164/1 Than Thu Mar Road, Thu Wa Na, Thin Gun Kyun Township, Yangon, Myanmar.




Yangon Region


Twitter sued Elon Musk


Retired American Baby boomers hobby & passion. My hobby & passion? My own style miniature RC scale Country/Nation. 07142022 


Toe Beach

TOE Beach [Newly Acclaim] Yangon / Ayeyarwady Regions border on Andaman Sea front, Myanmar. Near the mouth of TOE River, Yangon Division that flows into the Andaman Sea. 




It is WHAT it is It is out there for us to uncover the secrets of Our Universe. Obsolete Political BS will & is a blink of blurring misconception in our "advancing knowledge" of Our Alpha Universe Created by THE Creator. Adventuring with best WAY into searching for the TRUTH in pursuit of LIFE is what we are doing today to understand better our created Universe from Alpha [Beginning] to Omega [End]. .................... Spectrum Rare Specie [SRS].







BlackRock Inc.


Burmese Buddhists are CRAZY with Buddhism. Example. Salt is essential but if you eat too much salt you'll be dead pretty soon. Buddhists put Buddhism statues all over Burma it destroys the natural Beauty of Burma. Upside down ice cream cone like shape Pagodas are everywhere. Can you imagine Christians putting Crosses on top of buildings. mountains, hills, caves, waterfalls, boulder rocks, cliffs, islands, islets etc. everywhere, what will they (Buddhists) say?. Mixing Religion with Nature is foolish. 





Variety of Traditional Burmese Curries. Mouth watering. I miss these Burmese foods so much. Don't mind travelling half the globe for this. Address: Khine Soe Soe Restaurant, 164/1 Than Thu Mar Road, Thu Wa Na, Thin Gun Kyun Township, Yangon, Myanmar. 


Elon Musk filed a motion.



Cancel My Subscription.
October 1st, 2022 

On Facebook Page.


Putin makes his ultimate move (not talk). His dream had been accomplished. Grabbing Land By Guns & Sham Votes. Putin got what he wanted all along one by one. 5 Regions (including Crimea) so far from Ukraine. His appetite for Aggression is unlimited. 









Manufactured SHAM Terencelyn


Incredible Insight Modern  Mega Mansion in Vegas. 'Blue Heron', [ Builder ] my kind of taste, style, design & architecture. Land lot is small though (1.26 acres). Need to sit on 40 acres lot (I prefer large lots). Rather than $39.5 million previous island property, I rather choose this one. Not money but 'location' is for me. This house location is good. Sitting on a hill over looking "The Strip" Las Vegas pivotal point. I already own 1.25 acre vacant lot. Need to build new modern home though. This house is 15,000 sq ft. Tooo big for me. 30% of this size [ 5,000 sq ft ] will do. NOT a greedy person. Only what I need. Hate GREED. Jesus never was a greedy person. Jesus never used "high flown" word all his life, not once let alone greedy. My fav spot of this house? Bedroom overlooking Las Vegas Strip. I think in the picture below, the massive glass section is the master bedroom I'm talking about. Can see the entire Las Vegas Strip.


Oct. 1st, 2017 night around 7pm 'something' tells/urges me to go home while working. Since it's slow I got "early out" and Evil/shooter/massacre starts around 10pm. 

Interesting Indeed. Lithuania was once a big Empire. This is what I think. According to historical fact Lithuanian was a major race in ancient times. Then they migrate to Eastern & Western Europe (Portugal). From Portugal (Portuguese are Ocean going seafarers) to British Burma now Myanmar. My dad's side ancient ancestry has Portuguese Blood along Tenessiram/Tanintharyi (I was born there) Southern Coastline @ Andaman Sea/Indian Ocean.



Marilyn Monroe




44th President Obama in Myanmar




Kaung Lan Puu Region. Northern Tip of Myanmar where Kachin State has the finest "Imperial Jade" as homestead. RUM is well Bless like USA because have Ocean front long Coastline, Snow capped mountains, fresh water Rivers, natural Beautiful landscapes & forested. 


Beauty of Burma. It is the HEART that counts. Ordinary Myanmar People enjoys what they have. Little that they have in life and yet they are happy, smile and content. The Beauty of the People of RUM. Video shot 1 yr ago. Typical evening in Yangon Riverside. Jesus Christ ALWAYS look at the HEART. Nothing Else. Amen. 


With the Blessings from Jesus Christ I will crisscross the Globe. Amen. L.Y.N. EarthlingEnterprise

Whenever there's a WINDMILL in California I own Real Estate Properties. Coincidence? In Palm Springs Area (retirement home) and another in Bakersfield (Tehachapi) Area vacant 20 acres Ranch Land surrounded by Ranchers Community. That was in the distant past. Now down size (Aging catching up too). 2 unfortunate things happen in America. Nasty Recession (2008) & Deadly Pandemic (2020). Well I'm still alive n well through Jesus Christ My Lord My Savior & My protector guide. Amen. 


Future *L.Y.N. Enterprise* Asia Headquarter. Yangon, MyanMar. [ RUM ] Republic of the Union of Myanmar. I will establish 2 Headquarters. 1 in America [USA] ... 1 in Asia [RUM]. Motto ... "Goodwill Intent for Mankind". 


Yes I'm willing to start despite Evil Intent Obstacles [ EIOs ] with the help from Jesus Christ (IMMORTAL). Amen. THIS TIME, not only between States within America (USA), but will go INTERNATIONAL expand My "Personal" ENTERPRISE to Asia. Amen After Amen. 


When I live at 11588 Bald Eagle Lane (2006) 2nd home for retirement plan, I used to go up by cable tram to this high mountain top. Beautiful scene. The highest mountain in that area (Palm Springs, CA) 



Passionate Praise


The world owes gratitude to Myanmar's U Thant Diplomacy Excellence as 3rd UN General Secretary (1st Asian UNSG) in preventing World War 3 between US & USSR in Cuba Missile Crisis. Told you, in those days Burma is one of the top nation in Asia. 


You got Questions I got Answers.Solving the Mystery snack in Myanmar. No one had the answer? I had an answer. It's an Indian from India snack called ... Khol FeeMyanmar is a country sandwiched between India & China thus these 2 Asian Giants culture & food infiltrates into Myanmar. Okay? Mr. Canadian. Cultures, foods, clothing even Religion (Buddhism come from India/Buddha was an Indian Prince). 


Why Muslims cannot stay PERMANENTLY in Muslim Country?. Why?. Make No Sense. Trying to create problems?. Commonsense tells me Muslims can stay in Muslim Country. Why Muslim Country don't accept fellow Muslims?. Simple & Straightforward. No wonder CREDIBILITY is waning down on so called "Rohingya" problem. Never heard of this word "Rohingya" during my life in Myanmar for 33 yrs. Not once. 


Myanmar Maiden Ladies Dance. In Burmese it is called " A Pyaw Daw Yein A Ka ". Meaning in English  "Virgin Wave Dance". Translate by Terencelyn. Terence Thoughts ... In Ancient MyanMar the Kings prefer ONLY vigin ladies for him [check & passed] and Myanmar [ Mongols called MyinTint ] has plenty of Virgins at that time of Era. So ordinary men also prefer Virgins and a single female who is virgin is most sorted/choice by men. Never underestimate "Ancient Knowledge" for "sometimes" they are more superior than today. 






This is Hong Konger (Chinese) living in Myanmar. The reason I post this video is whenever you see English Caption "Myanmar" letter on the screen you will hear the name/word "Myin Tint" from her. Listen carefully. Since the days of Mongols they call "Myan Mar" (2 words) as "Myin Tint". Burma is depriving from Bamar (Burmese) majority (60%) race which happens to be 1 of 135 ethnic races by the ruling British. Many citizens of Myanmar doesn't understand Burmese language at all. Chinese never called Burma. Only western nations do. Internationally and Officially (by United Nations) it is Myanmar, NOT Burma (British Colonial Days/Era) anymore. She's correct popular Myanmar cuisine is La phat Toke (Tea leaves salad) & Mo hin ga (fish rice noodle soup). I still eat both today which I drive to Los Angeles CA and bought them in dried powdered form. I stock for 6 months supply each trip. 




The world will one day HONOR the fallen Martyrs, "Blood Bonded Allies" by EVIL (2 headed snake) HEINOUS attack in Israel on October 7th, 2023 who give their lives for Freedom, Dignity & Happiness. Never Forget. God Yahweh is with us. Amen.Solidarity Synchronize Strategy ... [ NIN ]New Israel Nation is front page Acronym. True Meaning is Super Secret Code. 


Native American Tribe










Don't put the Cart in front of Cow. Cow first, then Cart follows. Eradicating Evil first, then Civilization follows. NOT the other way around.
[ YYS ] & [ NIN ] 

Boomerang Backlash. That's what happening to both 2 headed snake. Annihilation Themselves. What human proposed... God disposes. Amen.*Biblical Eagle* is the VANGUARD assigned by God WE Trust. Amen After Amen. 


Be Calm ... for Tranquility is the Essence of Everything. In precious Jesus/Yeshua name. Amen.L y n w a y s 

Yahweh (Father), Yeshua/Jesus (Son) & Holy Spirit. Eternal Trinity (ET) from Alpha (beginning) to Omega (end). Amen.


The World should know & understand there is 2 headed Snake that is so Evil, Wicked & Uncivilized. 1 head is "Axis of Evil" & the other head is "False Prophet" Satanic Devil. 


Always Remember...
The MOST important factor in LIFE is...YOU !!!
Your God Your Health Your Happiness. NOT material things, position status or power. Never let bullies manipulate YOU no matter how Big or Powerful THEY are. After all it is YOUR life and YOU must be in charge. NOT them and don't forget YOU are created in the IMAGE of God Yahweh.
In Holiest Holy Trinity ... Truth, Way & Life by Yeshua / Jesus Christ I solemnly said ... AMEN !!!. 


Good Job Governor


World War III. The Wrath of God. Refurbish the entire planet weeding out the weeds of wicked. Amen. God is using the *Star of David* & *Biblical Eagle* on one side and False Prophet/Satan on the other side. To put it for layman to understand Democracy vs Demons fight. 


Above The Rest. ONLY USA. The *Biblical Eagle* VANGUARD of FREEDOM. Bombers 1] B-1 2] B-2 3] B-52 4] 11 Aircraft Carriers (3 more on the way) 5] Stealthy F-22 Raptors & Lightning Jets 6] Ohio & Virginia Class Nuclear Submarines 7] Fleets of Navy Battle Ships Destroyers Cruisers etc.These are some to be mentioned not to mention SPACE COMMAND separate Military Branch. Piece of Cake. ONLY and ONLY Fools will Fight against ULTRA (More powerful than Super or Hyper) Power like USA Military. Yes, Idiotic Fools.............Blood Bonded Judio-Christians ... The NEW Powerful Emerging Entity that will CHANGE the World. Let Israel be IN CHARGE of Israel WAR. Eagle will be the BackBone of Israel.Did you know skyscrapers skyline can be turn into Rubble just by ordinary BOMBS let alone Nuclear?. Not impressed with skyscrapers Cities for they are subject to Rubbles. 



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