The Birth of Christianity, World Largest Religion ignited by Jesus Christ, the Messiah of Humans.

It all started from Judea with 500 people.

Seven Wonders of Buddhism. Buddha ... a guide, philosopher the enlightened one but NOT God and never claim as God.

Rodeo girls

Line Dance

Perth Australia

Significant Symbols



Why did I use "White" cross & not other colors like Red, Green, Black so on?. What is the color of light?... White. I choose the LIGHT and not Darkness. Amenn 05052023 

Brilliant Bible Museum in Nation's Capital City Washington D.C. where humankind seeks for TRUE Knowledge & Wisdom. Amenn.
This Nation ... born in 1776 A.D relatively new country among many nations like India (5,000 yrs), China (4,000yrs) Grannies that struggling to become Super Power, just to name a few out of 192 Nations, ONLY this particular Nation (247yrs) called *United States of America* is so far away ahead of all, taking the STATUS of Hyper Super Power Country in ALL aspects of Humanity, Militarily, Morally, Economically, Financially, Culturally, Technologically, Globally, Education, Wisdomizing the Nation founded upon 1 Book, THE BIBLE is well blessed despite of devilish attempts to break up the Union. National Motto is *In God We Trust* printed CLEARLY on USD $. Unlike other ancient & old nations this new kid on planet Earth is Undisputed, Undefeated, Unequivocal, Unprecedented & Unlimited inspiring Intelligent Intriguing Integrity STATES of Earth.
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Note: Many Countries are AFRAID of this Book because THEY cannot handle nor can stand THE TRUTH. Some countries go so extreme radically BANNING this BOOK. In Jesus Christ precious & eternal name,  Amenn.
Dated April 28th, 2023.

Book of Revelation Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Just because a big country like China is your neighbor doesn't mean your master forever. True Sovereign & Independent means you don't have to succumb to that neighbor. If not you'll be the slave forever. Brave nations stand on their own feet & decides what is BEST for the country & people. Not succumb to their MASTER (neighbor) wish & like. 

Perfect Example.
Small FINLAND (5.5 million population) is brave and stand up to BIG super power neighbor Russia. Not like 55 Million population Myanmar (leaders) succumb and vassal province to BIG neighboring China. Myanmar should take FINLAND as example/model in being Independent & Sovereign NOT letting BIG neighbors become BOSS over her. FINLAND forego "long Neutrality" and decides BOLDLY what's BEST for FINS (people) & FINLAND (country).

Myanmar Christian Aung La

Dr. Sa Sa is Chin and a Christian.  He should be President of Democratic Union of Myanmar instead of Buddhists killing their own people & raping the country............
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Bernie Sanders (Independent)

Expand ... not Cut. Independent Bernie Sanders. God has the purpose of creating "Baby Boomers Generation" (like me) for God knows what's coming of the deadly virus pandemic created by the Devil from the East to withstand the turbulent times where MILLIONS (young & old, famous & ordinary) perished right before our own eyes. Because of Boomers we survive this storm of the Devil. God is well prepared in advance and insured his creation (Earthlings) to continue and defeat the Devil. Amenn .................
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Note: Those souls who believe in Jesus Christ will have everlasting life even though they had passed away for it is written in the Bible, JUDGMENT day will arrive.

Murderer face money is YUAN (Chinese money). He murder 8 times more humans than Hitler. THINK !. I will refuse to even touch it let alone use it. Forbidden country forbidding money.

I like this. Smart, Intelligent & Brilliant Move. This will make Nuclear Weapons OBSOLETE. 
Innovate & create Kinetics that freeze Missiles BEFORE they take off will be better.
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V .i.

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