Triangle Trinity 

My creative invention of multiple Triangles embedded within one Triangle representing multiple dimensions of mindbenders in one's mind.

If you look closely on this triangle you will see 2 Letters " L " back to back just like the coin which has the head and the tail. How many triangles did you see on my drawing of this particular triangle?. There is 13 Triangles in this drawing. Can you see and count?. Why do I use Trinity? Cuz there are 3 sides of an object. One letter L looks/face to the right and another letter L looks/face to the left.

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Burmese Military Commander-in-Chief MAH "nickname" his Residence (House) as *Anti - Diplomacy*.  
New Burmese Generals Residential Area. Built at the suburbs of *Naypyitaw* Capital City {Burmese Military Era/Current] built also from scratch and move from previous Capital *Rangoon* [British Burma Era]. The Military entrenched in Central part of the country.
NOTE: Just as/like I nickname my Residence/House as "Rio Reserve". Or United States of America nickname the PRESIDENT's Residence/House as WHITE HOUSE !!!.
I hear in the speaker voice 3 names that stands out. They were Min Aung Hlaing (Commander-in-Chief) General Soe Win [2nd in command] and Major Zin Yaw [The person who explains the inner circle of Military Zone]. To me "Zin Yaw" is outstanding or outshining of the 3 because personally it was my nickname during my University years [Rangoon Arts & Science University] given by fellow University pretty girls who admire me and have CRUSH on me.

Biden Xi talks


Pretty Patti

Fried Sparrow & Chicken testicle curry


Quick Pick:-: Joyful Blessed Trip.
On Veterans Day 11/11/2021 I went and eat LUNCH (2nd time in a month) in Los Angeles, California @ Burmese Restaurant. Spend/Bought $400 worth of Burmese Dried Foods for future use @ Rio Reserve, Las Vegas. Enjoy Life so much of the same day swift trip with my BLACK Cadillac Luxury XTS. Pics are my Burmese food dishes on my table. Spicy Yummy & Tasty !!!. Thanks VETS for Freedom. God Bless to ALL Vets who made the ultimate Sacrifice for America Americans & beyond. Amen.
On the way to L.A. saw Veterans waving huge American Flags, 2 of them on a bridge for cars coming south bound Interstate 15. Such a beautiful sight indeed. I know for sure WE are blessed by True God. Amen After Amen.



Bloody True Frank. Bloody True. Amen to that. Positively speaking out of Negativity, Pandemic [March 2020] Produce Perseverance Promises Prominently @ Present TIME for me making my own life a PRIORITY. Yes it all started from THAT day March 15th, 2020 [never forget] for God had STOP me working for THEM. God made it "enough is enough" [after working 36 yrs straight] and turn around MY LIFE just for ME. Amen After Amen. 











Grandfather Rock Beach


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PRO - Dollarization

USD for Forever ...


SSJJP-3   Dated June 15th, 2023 ( Thursday ).
Pro - Dollarization 


SSJJP-3   Dated June 15th, 2023 ( Thursday  ).

Pro - Dollarization 


I repost my post to emphasize on my lifestyle achievement. The secret code [ Formula ] on that is ...
SSJJP-3. Simple YET Sophisticated. ONLY me understands. No Earthlings (rich or poor) cannot. Ofcourse my LORD Jesus/Yeshua CHRIST knows it too. In fact he provided this high end WISDOM. Amen.
Dated June 15th, 2023 ( Thursday ).

My personal achievement formula ...
Financial Freedom
Work Freedom
Political Freedom 06152023 

WAKE UP CALL to God Bless USD.
To cheat on the world China government print duplicate money in TRILLIONS of Dollars.
Never trust the snake. Once a snake, Always a snake. No wonder spending money like BRI & now leading BOZOS BRICS with duplicate government legal bank notes. Not only that, copy cat USD notes printed in China?. Super Thief Criminal CCP. Any country that trust Chinese money is foolishness & idiots.


Donald J. TRUMP 45th President of USA. A Happy Birthday & Many More Prosperous Ones To Come.
Non Partisan. June 14th, 2023



ALIEN in Vegas




De-Dollarization is a Hoax & Unrealistic.