Meaning Big Star of Bethlehem in the middle and 5 smaller stars [5 Pillars] surrounded.

GOD is Big Star

5 Pillars:

1) WAY





3 Gold Stripes are 1] Father 2] Son 3] Holy Spirit (Word). TRINITY.

3 colors means WHITE represent Godliness and GREEN represents Redemption & GOLD represents Sanctity.


President Trump condition.

God is with us. Trust in God. President FIRST message from Hospital.


The University where I attain BA (Bachelor of Arts) degree. At that time it is known as Rangoon Arts & Science University.


My younger years environs.

Pause 0:59 sec in video. 

Is it a miracle or coincidence I don't know. See the white dot written Yadanar Rd, that white dot is roughly my house location not far (walking distance) from Kanbe Baptist Church (my church) and Moe Gaung Pagoda which can be seen in the video. Inya lake also can be seen which Yangon University is located next to it.

Burma/Myanmar Royals Erased. Is it blessing in disguised for Democratic Rule and Christianity to flourish?

Myanmar Foods

Appetizer Myanmar Specialty

Myanmar healthy delicacies

Myanmar salad


Putao Potential

Indawgyi Lake, largest natural lake in Myanmar

Nagaland (Christian Nation) , the last village on Indo-Myanmar border.

India & Myanmar border pillar # 132

Nagamese are part of Burmese

Potential Putao

Pause the video at 2:47 will see the confluence of Mayka & Malika rivers.

Modern & Ancient goes hand in hand well balance.

Did Buddha Exist?

Buddha last message. Seek salvation through TRUTH

Walking is good

In Myanmar American Journalist Danny is release

Yangon City [Southern] vs. Mandalay City [Central] of Myanmar.
My Proposal :-:
Making MyanMar in par with India & China technically economically militarily & diplomatically where QUALITY matters NOT Quantity or SIZE.
Where PROSPERITY matters, NOT wicked destructionism.
My Take & My Intention in competing with neighboring Giants like India & China : : :
I give Yangon the winner. Food is major issue for me. I love "Yangon Style" Street Foods. I’m like her grew up in Yangon. Yes Mandalay is actually Authentic Burmese where Burmese Kings n Queens reside and therefore culture wise Mandalay is more Burmese than Yangon is, not to mention Military install New Capital City Naypyitaw inside the perimeter of Mandalay Region. I’m Burmese but Burmese Christian thanks to American BAPTIST missionary Reverend Adoniram Judson (American Genius). Religion matters in Burma where Buddhists are 90% ( Buddhism imported from India where Buddha was born). To fix congestion or chaotic and pollution I would “extend” Yangon closer to Andaman Sea (making Andaman Sea my/the front yard). In other words "Greater Rangoon" will be Established with high tech & nature cohesion balance Modern Great City. New & intelligent GUIDELINES will be set and implemented. This EXTENDED area is massive and has 6 times the size of present Yangon thus it will be the Business MECCA ( mega ) of South & South East Asia bringing Myanmar into # 1 spot in ASEAN. I will combine Yangon & Bago (another Region north) as 1 Region and will name it Hantharwaddy. To be fair I will annex Bago into Yangon but will use the ancient name of Bago, Hantharwaddy as the NEW Regional name. Yangon will be part of Hantharwaddy so is Bago. 2 into 1. Bigger 1.
The Capital City of Hantharwaddy will be named "Alliance" meaning the merger of Yangon & Bago thus the name of Rangoon & Yangon will be replace as Alliance City without religion INTERFERENCE in both politics & natural beauty. This Modern yet surrounded by Natural beauty (without man made Pagodas) that portray only the NATURAL BEAUTY of MyanMar (Notice the way of writing is different) New Country same name different writing. I will create & innovate with ingenuity THE ALLIANCE CITY as the "Pillar  of Prosperity" that benefits MyanMar Country, People & the whole world. I will build New Modern Massive Airport & SeaPort in Alliance City will not use previous ones but creates NEW PROJECTS that reflects the creativity innovative & INGENUITY of human race where dignity & integrity replace obstructionism is obsolete. Amen to One Faith One God One World.

MAH residence


INDIA plays BALLS ....... Goat Balls that SWINGS.

Putin Peskov Position Pleas "Don't put us into the corner for we'll push the BUTTON".
Look into his EYES. What does they revealing? Loving Kindness or Hegemonic Hatred?. Can you tell?. To me it's scary. I mean the cold (Russian North) punitive psychotic psychopath. Concerning Mariupol his mouth is saying not aiming civilians BUT his EYES are revealing the opposite for a picture (just one) tells a thousand words.